Friday 04.02.10

Chest to bar pull ups

We are all working on improving our pull ups. The pull up is as functional as any exercise we do and can be utilized as an upper body strength movement, a basic gymnastics movement, or used in repetition for a conditioning workout.

We are "upping the ante" on pull ups, for those who have them already. For those who don't, continue working on what you need to get your chin over the bar. We are starting new goals this quarter and an unassisted pull up would be a perfect gymnastics goal for many to try to complete by 06/31/10.

SWOD: Power Clean, 3 RM

Metcon: 7 Rounds of:
-7 Chest to bar pull ups*
-7 Thrusters with 50% of your 1rm

*The requirements for the CrossFit pull-up are simple yet tough to execute. The pull-up begins from a hang at full arm and shoulder extension and ends, regardless of grip, with the chest pressed tightly to the bar. Pulling the chest to the bar is very hard but encourages fully “opening the chest” and pulling the shoulders back or “closing the back.”

In the early stages of developing a pull-up it is acceptable to bring the Adam’s apple to the bar instead of the chest, but leading with the shoulders forward rather than back is a fault that needs to be fixed long before you are going to get to 30 pull-ups.

Technically correct pull-ups:
• Go from full hang to chest pressing tightly to the bar
• Lead with the chest up and shoulders way back
• Are visually directed, that is, a sight line is chosen that is shortened as the body rises to the bar
• Synchronize respiration to the pull-up: inhale down, exhale up
• Are motivated by trying to drive the elbows down to the ground, not by trying to flex the arm!

Nearly any surface on which you can get even a fingertip hold and hang is a potential platform for pull-ups.


  1. power clean - 65 x 3
    metcon- 9:43

  2. POWER CLEAN: 115
    7 ROUNDS:

  3. Elbow hurtin

    Craig said, 500 meter row, 20 back ext, 20 stepups - 5RM 19:55

    No rest for the wicked, "OLD"

    Miss Bill and Chad and Danyel

  4. Worked out with FirePower CF yesterday.
    Four rounds for time...
    21 KB Swings.
    12 Burpee Box Jumps.
    21 Double Unders.
    12 KB Straight leg Sit-ups.
    ...6 rounds there and back of KB Waiter walks about 15m. Before the first round, and after the last round (2 sets total)... Really, really sore. I have never done the KB waiter walk, or KB straight leg sit-ups before. The CF trainer is all about KB's.

  5. Power clean 75x3 rm
    Metcon: 9:47 (jumping pullups 45lb thrusters)

  6. First day back post baby + bad eating = a lot of sweat! Great to be back!
    Power Clean = 175x3 195 x2 (failed 3rd attempt)
    MetCon = 12:13

  7. Hey "olddiver" this "oldlady" has a strained muscle in my leg. The only way to make that better is to stop using it. However in the spirit of working towards my new goals I threw in a couple push ups and worked on my pull up bar this morning.

    When I get my pull ups I am having a pull up party. You are all invited of course! See you Monday.

  8. power clean 75 x 3
    metcon: 12:39 with jumping pull ups and 55 lbs thrusters

  9. PowerClean 125x3
    MetCon 10:21 75lb.Thrusters

  10. Power Clean: 135x3 dropped back to 95 lb. to work on technique.
    metcon: 10:40 something, all kips..most of those to chest, all of them were head and neck over.