Monday 5.10.10

Wall Facing Squats! Kissing the wall is not required.

Deadlift 3x5 (add 5-10 lbs from last week)

Tabata Mash Up of:
-Push Press 115 lbs
-Wall Facing Squats

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, after a good warm up perform 3 sets of 5 reps at the same weight. Try to add at least 5 lbs from what you did last week.

For the metcon, perform :20 of all out effort on the push press, :10 rest, :20 all out effort on the wall facing squats, and :10 rest. That is one round. Perform 8 rounds. Your score is the fewest reps completed on any given set per movement.

For the wall facing squats, you should start out with your toes no further than a few inches from the wall. This will let you know if you lean forward or let your knees travel too far in front of your toes. Focus on technique and intensity without a breakdown in mechanics. Most of us will have a significantly lower number of tabata wall-facing squats compared to regular tabata air squats because facing the wall will force better technique throughout the WOD.


  1. Alright. Slow morning for most of us. Back was sore and i couldn't add wieghts today but i didn't do SWOD, just worked on reps.

    Metcon: Push Press-6
    Wall facing air squats-14

  2. Another lonely morning at the "COMPOUND", I think the gift for Mother's Day was Monday off. Elizabeth was the only one to show, Great Job Elizabeth.

    SWOD 185"


    75# 5 max
    Airsquats 6

    You should be able to count the total, not the least done of each, oh well, another fine workout.

  3. SWOD 110. METCOM 70#4 max. Airsquats 6

  4. It's a good thing we cleaned the walls saturday!

  5. SWOD 2X5 @155, 1X5 @ 165
    Metcon: 75# 2, 12 squats

  6. SWOD:
    Deadlift up to 500x1, then 475x2. I wanted to get 475x3 but I didn't have a belt and I got scared. I can admit it.

    8 Push Presses @ 115
    14 Squats
    22 Total as rx'd

  7. SWOD; W/U 45,135,185 X3 / 235X5 3 Sets
    Metcon: 3 p/press @ 115
    11 wall rubbers/squats
    14 as rx'd

  8. Swod: 3x5@185
    Metcon PP 2 @75/Wall squats 10

  9. SWOD: 3x5@155lbs (most wieght I have ever lifted for the dead lift)

    Metcon: 3@65lbs/Wall squats 13

  10. SWOD: 3x5 @155 lbs
    3 push press @ 75 lbs
    11 wall squats