Sunday 5.16.10

I do not suggest this for active rest! Especially since those are
Compound CrossFitters' canines.

Rest Day!!!

This has been a brutal week, especially for shoulders. Today is rest day, which to me means two things. 1) I can lay around all day and do nothing then drag my body out of bed early Monday morning and ask it to perform and intense strength and conditioning workout. Or 2) I can take time with my family or friends and really recover with some Active Rest.

Active rest is often overlooked with the exception of those with overuse injuries. Active rest for injuries may involve performing light exercises that stimulate the recovery process without imposing undue stress on the injured body part.

The idea with active rest for our purposes is to engage in some sport or activity at intensity above recreational while being below our regular training intensity. Don't count your primary sport! This is a cross-training opportunity. Step outside your normal bounds. You will find that if you specialize in one type of activity, including elite athletes, then you automatically have imbalances and deficiencies in an area you have not idea unless you try something new. If you're a runner , try swimming. Cyclers try basketball. Below are some suggestions:

-Bicycle Hill Climb



-Mountain Hike



-Handball or racquetball


-Help your friend move (just a few more boxes Bill)

Enjoy! cc


  1. Good info Craig, I think skateboarding around the neighborhood is in order, although I get some "stink eye' from some of the
    What,s a 51 yr. old guy doing on a skateboard? Im big chillin',dontcha'know!

  2. Isn't that just surfing on the land? You'd be natural at it Doug

  3. I would have done more yesterday, now I have guilt.

  4. but you let me use your more guilt