Monday 6.21.10

Common Lousy Push-ups
· Sagging: Dropping the belly in an attempt to hit, or reach bottom early.
· Piking: Sticking the butt up in the air. Usually accompanying a rest
· Resting: Coming to a stop. This is usually tried at the top, often while piking, but may manifest as a collapse at the bottom.
· Bouncing: Exactly as the name implies, bouncing to rise to top again without effort.
· Yogaing: With this cheat the head and neck lead followed by the chest then belly. It is a dynamic variant of sagging.
· Reaching: Some can extend their head and neck an extra six inches in an attempt to find bottom early and avoid the pain of a real push-up. Look for the nose a foot below the chest.
· Speeding: The count should be a slow "one-two" up and "one-two" down unless doing timed efforts like the Tabata Interval. For reps, they have to be slow and controlled.
· Shorting: This is the most common cheat where you typically doesn't go all the way down. Not rising to the top is less common but still cheating.

Skill WOD: Pull ups, Push ups, Air Squats

Metcon: 15 rounds for time of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Alright guys, we have spent a lot of time building up our strength and it has worked. But now we are going to go back to the basics and work on some bodyweight exercises. Let's review the pull up, push up, and air squat and all their substitutions for correct form and accuracy of Range of Motion (ROM). ROM is important to complete as it works each muscle to its full length and potential, especially when you are fatigued towards the end of a workout


  1. 27:20 w/ jumping pull-ups

  2. 29:20 with ring pull ups.

  3. Metcon: 28:29
    ring pull ups
    modified push ups


    15 Rounds

    5 Pull-ups
    10 (not 15 like I did) push-ups
    15 Squats
    I need to pay attention, it's hell gettin old...

  5. started a different program.

    5 rep max box squat and bench: 245 / 175

    AMRAP 12:00 (5rnds + 7 reps)
    10 tru push ups
    10 supine ring pull ups
    50 meter sprint

  6. Good job early AM classes, lots of focus on proper technique instead of just trying to storm through the workouts. And Paul putting in the extra work on the pushups....

    Did Bill's program:
    SWOD: Box Squat and Bench Press 5 RM- (275 ea.)
    DWOD: 12:00
    10 Tru Push ups
    10 Supine Ring Pull Ups (24 " box)
    50 yard sprint
    (7 rds + 16 reps)

  7. Today I started the CrossFit Football programming so I can get ready for the certification in two months. The WOD is listed here:

  8. As to be expected I worked out with Bill.

    SWOD: Box squats: 135Lb, Bench Press: 135Lb

    DWOD: 10 Tru Pushups, 10 Supine Ring pullups, 50 sprint. 5Rds, plus 15 Reps

  9. Edit the above to say 6 rounds 15 reps please

  10. CrossFit Total
    Back Squat 205
    Sh Press. 105
    backSquat. 255=565
    (my weight 155)

    MetCon. 13:05 as RXd'

  11. Miss you guys!!! Did my workout at CF St. George. Awesome group and I learned some great stuff, can't wait to get back and share!

    SWOD: Back Squat 5x5 @ 135 (working on using more posterior chain)

    MetCon: 21-15-9


    Time: 5:09

  12. Modified 15 rounds
    5 pull ups
    5 pushups
    5 squats

  13. 24:30 10 sets of 5 ring rows, modified pushups (knees to 20inch box), reg squats

  14. 12 oz. sirlion medium rare
    mixed steamed veggies
    Baked potatoe
    40 oz. water.
    off for 8 1/2 of sleep..just did'nt have IT today. Be Compounding IT tomorrow..out

  15. 12 rounds minus squats 25 mins

  16. 12 Rounds +5 ring pull ups 28 mins :(

  17. 15 rounds in 28 min- did jump pull-ups

  18. 25:07 (ring rows)
    so close to beating Steve and Karl ;)

  19. 13 rounds in 30:00
    I threw up twice, remember folks hydrate, hydrate,hydrate...