Wednesday 6.30.10

This video shows several good Pose Running drills you can do as warm ups and to get the feeling of pulling your foot off the ground with your hamstring.

Running Drills


a 5k PR was on many people's list for goals this quarter. Well it's time to pay up! Practice some of the drills in this video as skill development and warm up. Then, run a 5k as fast as possible.

Post your new PR time to the comments section! bc


  1. Ran 1.5 miles 15 min

    Reached first quarter goal--5 handstand push ups! Yeahoo!

    Shoulder press 65 x 2, attempt 75 x 2 failed--always another day......

  2. 1.5 mile run 15 min

    Quarter goal reached--5 handstand pushups-Yeahoo!

    Shoulder Press--65 x 2, attempted 75 x 2 failed--always another day......

  3. METCON: 5k run 25:15

    Don’t know where the 530AM guys were today the gym was like a Ghost town. Kind of scary :{

    dave?.... bill?... paul?... craig? anyone there? :{

  4. ran 1.5 miles in 15 mins with the 5 am girls today
    worked on personal goals when when we were done with the run

    Made my 55 lbs shoulder press goal!

  5. review pose technique
    run 5k: 22:35 PR!!!

  6. 5 K 27:05 into the wind the entire route :-)