Friday 7.02.10

Hang Power Clean 1rm

For Time:
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of Hang Power Cleans (135/95, or 70% of 1rm)
20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 reps of Hollow Rocks

WOD Tips:
The Hang Power Clean starts with the barbell in the "hang" position, which is basically standing while holding the barbell. Descend to somewhere between pockets and just above the knee caps, then aggressively jump and shrug, pull yourself underneath the bar, and catch yourself in a quarter squat. Stand all the way up with the weight on your shoulders and you got it!

For the metcon, take 70% of the hang power clean 1rm, or 135/95, whichever you can handle for reps with good form. Do 10 hang power cleans, followed by 20 hollow rocks. Then do 9 hang power cleans and 18 hollow rocks. Continue in this pattern until you've done all the way down to 1 hang power clean and 2 hollow rocks. For a good demonstration of hollow rocks, check out this quick video.

Post weight and time to the comments section! bc


  1. Well the morning crew was a little weak today. Lots of no shows with the 5am class. Chandra you rock for carring the flag for the am'ers.

    I did a little different workout today
    Power Cleans 8 sets of 2: 65-75-95-105-95 until complete.

    3 sets of Strict pullups: 0
    Sprints: 20 meters (4 reps), 40 meters (4 reps) 10 meter flying start (10 Reps) 1.78 slowest/1.4 fastest.

  2. SWOD: practice form for hang power cleans
    METCON: 55lbs for power hang clean highpulls (letting my shoulder recover)

  3. David die Power Snatches not cleans

    SWOD: Power Snatch -195
    Stict Pullups- 10,7,6
    Metcon: 4x20 yrd sprints (15s rest)-Rest 30 sec.- 4x30 yrd sprints (30s rest)-Rest 1 min.-10x10 yrd Flying Starts (30s rest)

    Fastest 1.27s
    Slowest 1.57s

  4. "Did" not "Die"

    And it was a weak showing but the people that did show up hit some nice PR's in the cleans

  5. SWOD: 125lb

    METCON: 16:20 90lbs

    small crew this morning. See all you guys on the 12th. have a safe 4th ;)

  6. SWOD:1RM Hang Power Clean at 75 lbs

    Metcon: 10:30 at 50 lbs

  7. SWOD: 125
    MetCon: 10:20 @ 95lbs.

    Have a Happy 4th of July!!!

  8. Chris
    SWOD: 1RM Hang Clean - 175# PR
    Metcon: 9:15 @ 115#

    SWOD: 1RM Hang Clean - 70#
    Metcon: 11:something @ 50#

  9. Hang PC (easy on wrist per Dr. Bonds)
    1 RM 105lbs.

    MetCon 9:19 at 75lbs.

  10. HPC:135 1RM (FAILED @ 145,140)

    MetCon:8:52@ 100lbs.

  11. SWOD: 75lbs
    Metcon: 10:38 (55/45lbs)

  12. SWOD: 95lbs
    Metcon: 9:37 (Ithink) @ 65

  13. SWOD: 90 lbs
    metcon: 8:51 w/ 65 lbs