Saturday 9.11.10

9 Years ago today a horrible tragedy struck our nation. Please take the time today to remember the victims of 9.11, the heroes and their families, and the soldiers who have been fighting for our freedom since that day. Never forget. God Bless America.

Please don't use the pull up structure! The pull up bar broke today and we are working on getting the new structure up and running. It is not up and running yet, however, so please stay off of it until it is safely anchored down. Thanks!

Free handstand practice. If you can hold a handstand, start trying to work on handstand walks!

- 50 KB swings (the heaviest you can handle)
- 400m Run
- 21 Thrusters (95/65)
- 800m Run
- 21 Thrusters
- 400m Run
- 50 KB Swings

Pick the heaviest KB you can handle on a first come first served basis. Runs will be in the parking lot, and thrusters have to be done without a rack (power clean to start).

Post times and kb/thruster weights to the comments section! bc


  1. Swod: no hanstands but flipped over 2x :)
    Metcon: 24:58 55lb/35kb :)

  2. SWOD:Visualized handstands
    Metcon: 24:52 35lb thrusters/44lb kb

  3. Swod: 3 steps walking on hands
    metcon: 18:53 (65# thrusters/35# kb)

  4. SWOD Handstands 0

    Metcon: 21:52(95#Thrusters 44#KB)