Wednesday 9.22.10

Crappy photo, but here Ben and Elias go head-to-head on the Tabata Row at 5:00am!

Jerk 1rm

AMRAP in 15:00 of:
- 3 KB Push Presses (44/26)
- 6 Pull Ups
- 9 1-Arm KB Swings

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, start light and review the technique. You can do a split jerk or a push jerk, but must initiate the lift in the front rack position. If you're feeling it today, go for a 1rm.

For the metcon, pick a heavy KB and stick with it for the whole circuit. You will clean the KB to your shoulder and do three push presses. Put it down, clean it up to your shoulder on the other arm, and do 3 more push presses. Drop the KB and do 6 pull ups. Pick the KB up again and do 9 1-arm swings on one arm, and 9 on the other. Complete as many rounds of that as you can in 15:00. For safety purposes in the 1-arm swings, don't swing the KB all the way up and over your head.

Post jerk weight and rounds completed to the comments section.


  1. SWOD 195 split
    Metcon 9 rounds @rx

  2. SWOD 195 push jerk
    Metcon 5 rounds + KB Push Press @ 43# (jump pull up)

  3. Split jerk: 105 failed at 115
    metcon: 5 rounds + 2 pullups rx'd!!

    Today sucked! I couldn't get close to my previous pr on the jerk and I couldn't finish the wod because I tore my hands open. But, it was the first time I did all kipping pullups in a wod!

  4. SWOD: 245# split jerk
    METCON: 8 rounds+3 pushpress each arm RX'D @44#

  5. So let's be sucked! Failed at 125# jerk because I dropped it on my head, then I pulled a muscle in my neck doing pullups and I tore my hands open. uuuugggggg!

    SWOD: jerk 115# PR failed at 125# on my head. Maybe i should wear a helmet next time or quit trying to do a push press

    WOD: rx'd 5 1/2 rounds

  6. split jerk 115lbs (still working on technique, same weight as push press), MetCon 7 rounds +6 (3 and 3 one arm kb push press)

  7. SWOD: 195 Split PR by 20lbs!

    Metcon: 10 rounds RX'D

  8. swod:145 split jerk/ worked on technique w/95lb.

    metcon: 10 rounds with one second left on the clock....YIKES !

  9. SWOD: 115 Split Jerk PR!
    Metcon: 7 rounds @ 35# & jumping pullups

  10. Split jerk: 115

    Came back tonight to cheer Dani on after our soccer game :)

  11. Swod: 105 PR. Very happy with that. Last time I could only do 65.
    Metcon: 8 rounds #26 kb/hspu's instead of pullups with one abmat to start, finished with two.

    Thanks Steffanie!!

  12. Split jerk: 85# --more like a push press--need to work on this move
    metcon: 8 rounds + 5 pullups (green band)