Monday 10.18.10

Notice the elbows turned down toward the ground. This will help keep the bar over head. As apposed to
having your elbows facing backward which will cause the bar rest behind the scapula.

 SWOD: Over Head Squat 3-3-3-3-3

Metcon: 25 Reps for time (for every time you let go of the Bar a 10 Burpee Penalty)

Push up - Dead Lift - Hang Clean & Jerk (135/ 95)

This is going to be one lift. First set up your hands as if you are going to dead lift. Next, get into a push up position, keeping your core tight, execute a push up. Not letting go of the bar, come up into a dead lift. Execute the dead lift; pause for a brief sec to set up for the hang clean. Then hit the full squat hang clean, recover, and reset for the jerk. Now....make sure that you dip, drive and COMMIT to the drop under the weight. You can split or standard jerk. However, if you are more comfotable with one, then try the other.


  1. SWOD: just practriced, leg is getting better.

    Metcon: 9:19 @95lbs

  2. Great Workout to start the week! Everyone that is going to do Grace on Sat. should use this WOD to really focus on technique. Although we are competing against the clock - do not sacrifice form for an extra few seconds. Remember that, "Haste makes waste." So make sure that your technique is on point so you stay as efficient in your movements as possible.

    SWOD: Over Head Squat 185x3

    WOD: 7:48 as Rx - with no penalty

  3. SWOD: 65 x 3
    Metcon: 13:24 @ 65lbs

  4. SWOD: Overhead Squat up to 225x3

    Metcon: 7:24 as rx'd with no penalties.

  5. SWOD: overhead squat-bar
    MetCon:65lbs 8:16
    goal:stay the same time but up the weight to 75lbs

  6. SWOD: 125 x 3

    MetCon: 12:36 as rx'd (1/2 w/o full squat)

  7. SWOD: overhead squat 155x3

    MetCon: 25 reps @ 135
    pushup on bar, deadlift, hang clean and jerk 12:03

    40 Burpees

  8. 65lbsx3
    metcon 25reps @65lbs
    Time 13:40
    40 burpees for fun!!!!

  9. SWOD: overhead squat 145x3

    MetCon: 25 reps @ 135
    pushup on bar, deadlift, hang power clean and split jerk 8:04

  10. Overhead squat: 90x3 (pr)
    Metcon: 10:37 (tried to do rx'd but could only do 5 reps @95# so I dropped weight and did 20 reps @85#) 1 penalty

  11. SWOD: worked on double unders..still no luck

    10-20-30-40-50 single unders
    50-40-30-20-10 1arm 30#kb swings switching arms

  12. SWOD: 75#
    Metcon: 12:50 @ 75#

  13. swod:75x3,95x3,105x3, 110x3 120x2(pr)

    metcon: 13:03 (?) @115 w/2 penalties
    20 burpee's that I was happy to do:)

    Oh and welcome to Greg as the new coach ! Was totally worried about this wod but as always its the people that know what's up that pull me through..yikes

  14. SWOD: 95x3, 105x3, 115x3, 125x2, 125x2

    Apparently Nicole tied me on OHS, so that's always encouraging.

    Metcon: 11:27, RX'd, no penalties.

  15. SWOD 45x3, 55x3, 65x3, 55x3 85x3
    MetCon 17:55 75#