Friday 11.05.10

Image of the foot taken from

Raphael Ruiz, from, is an excellent coach in sprint mechanics and improving athleticism and has worked with some of the top athletes in professional sports. Coach Raphael has a great trick for spotting a potential ACL injury, the "Navicular Drop." ("Wiki" your feet on the web and see if you can spot your own navicular bones.) Remember that nothing happens in your body out of the context of human movement. When you are coached to get your knees out while squatting, not only is this a stronger position in which to generate power, but it will protect your precious ACL's.  The "drop" is simply a flattening out of the natural arch that should be prevalent in the medial side of the foot.  Even with flat feet, you should try to artificially create that arch in the foot by pushing your knees out, even if if means rolling the foot slightly to the lateral side.

SWOD: GHD Sit ups 3 x 15

Metcon: Complete in as few sets as possible:
95/ 65 pound Overhead Squat, 75 reps.

For the metcon, rest only up to one minute between sets (no resting for 5 minutes to get fewer sets). 

Post number of sets to completion to comments.


  1. SWOD: Hamstring strengthing + GHD situps 2 x 15

    Metcon: As Rx'd in 6 rounds.

  2. SWOD: Hamstring Strength/GHB Situps

    WOD: 6 sets/3 @ 55 lbs and 3 @ 45 lbs.

    Killer on my wrists! I could have done less sets if my wrists were stronger! Next time I may need to tape my wrists.

    P.S. I need to work on a 65 lb snatch!

  3. Good warm up with GHD's and clean and presses.

    Metcon: 4 sets @ 75 (20,20,20,15).

  4. SWOD: GHD Situps 3 sets
    Metcon: 4 sets RX'd - 25, 20, 18, 12
    Finished w/ 3 x 8 Hamstring work

  5. Another great day here at FHL. No SWOD today but my METCON was a good workout. I did 2 sets for a total time of 18:13
    10- Turkish get-ups
    20-Double unders
    30-Walking lunges

  6. SWOD: GHD Situps 3 sets
    Metcon: 2 sets RX'd - 55, 20 in 7:20
    With any luck I wont need my thumbs this weekend.

    I sure enjoyed our varied warm up schedule this week. Thanks for thinking that up.

  7. MetCon: 6 sets (15,10,10,10,15,15)

  8. w/u: kb swings 35 lbs. 3x12 with 3x5 kipping p/u's, pass through's, 2x12 AMSU's and one full rope climb.

    3x15 ghd situps
    75 OHS's @80 lbs. 10 set's 5,5,5,5,5,10,10,10,10,10 did'nt really follow format but I felt strong at the end:)

  9. SWOD: GHD Situps 3 sets of 15
    Metcon: 13 sets RX'd (10,6,7,4,7,7,6,5,6,6,3,4,4)

    * So I broke the second and third yellow bones and one of the gray bones two months ago :) but the dr said I'm good to go!!!

  10. SWOD: GHD Sit ups 3 x 15

    Metcon: Complete in as few sets as possible:
    95/ 65 pound Overhead Squat, 75 reps.
    -- 55#s in 7 rounds