Friday 11.19.10

The Conventional Deadlift

The Sumo Deadlift
Deadlift:  Work up to 1 @90%, then 3x3 @80%

AMRAP in 10:00 of:
    - 4 Ring Dips  (Scale with bar dips or box dips)
    - 8 KB Swings (heaviest possible)
    - 12 Sit Ups  (Scale up to GHD)

For the SWOD, either deadlift variation is acceptable.  This goes for any time we deadlift unless a specific variation is prescribed.  There are benefits to training both variations, but for this strength cycle it is best to train with the variation with which you can pull the most weight with best form.  For the multiple rep sets, make sure you are not bouncing the weight off the floor, or even doing "touch-and-go" reps.  Each rep must start from a dead stop, hence the name "dead" lift.  Pause for a second or so between reps.  Also, you may drop the weight on the last rep of each set, but for a true set of three you must lift it and lower it, completing all 3 reps without letting go of the bar or resting between reps.

This rep scheme should look familiar this week.  While the rep schemes will vary over the next five weeks, the schedule will remain rather consistent while we push our strength levels up.  If you want to make sure you PR on your next total, make every effort to come to The Compound at least every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

For the metcon, ring dips are rx'd, but use whatever dip variation will allow you to get four good reps with some difficulty but without hitting failure.  If you're feeling good, use the heaviest KB possible with good form and scale up to GHD sit ups.  Abmat sit ups are the rx'd variation for this WOD.

Post weights and number of rounds completed to the comments section!  bc


  1. SWOD: 200x1,160(3x3)
    Metcon: 6rds + 1 kb swing (ring dips with feet on box)
    Day 4 HSPU Challenge

  2. SWOD= 345 x 1, 315 x 3 sets of 3 (think my math was off for the whiteboard)

    METCON = 5 rounds + dips + 5 kb swings (all were ring dips and swings were with a 63 lb kb)

    Have a great weekend everybody!

  3. Day #4 HSPU Challenge

    SWOD: 1 @ 465, 3x3 @ 415

    Metcon: I did a recovery circuit of 5 rounds of:
    - 5 Ring Dips
    - 5 Strict Pull Ups
    - 5 KB Swings @ 62 lbs
    - 5 GHD Sit Ups

  4. HSPU Day 4
    SWOD: Deadlift @ 90% 485 x 1, @ 80% 435x 3x 3

    Metcon: 10:00 recovery:
    unknown rounds of:
    -5 Ring Dips
    -5 KB Swings @ 62#
    -5 GHD Sit Ups

  5. SWOD: 157 x 1; 140 3 x 3
    WOD: 6 rds + 1 ring dip (dips done with toes on ground)

    HSPU Challenge: 4

  6. METCON/SWOD: 20 minutes of upper and lower body stretching. Still can't touch my feet.

  7. SWOD: 165 x 1; 145 3 x 3

    -4 Ring Dips
    -8 KB Swings @ 44lbs
    -12 GHD Sit Ups
    5 rounds+6kb swings

  8. SWOD: 225x1, 200 3x3
    Metcon: 7+5 KB swings, 44# KB, box ring dips

  9. SWOD: 295, 285 3x3
    Metcon: 8+1 KB swings, 62# KB, MU to 4 ringdips, abmat situps

    Nice work on your m/u pr Ryan!!!!

  10. Sumo deadlifts 105x1 and 3 sets at 95lbs
    6 rounds with 35 Kb swings

  11. SWOD: 195x1, 175x3x3
    Metcon: "Recovery"
    4 ring dips (toes on box)
    8 kb swings (35#)
    12 sit ups (GHD)
    I wasn't supposed to count but I think I did 5 rounds

  12. SWOD: worked on deadlift technique with 155lbs
    Metcon: 8 rnds, toes on box ring dips and 44lbs kettle bell.

  13. SWOD 330 x1, 295X3X3 REG DEAD LIFT

  14. swod: 275x1 230 3x3
    metcon: 7rnds +6 w/53 lb. kb

  15. Swod: 185 clean n jerk (pr) / deadlift 305 x1, 270@3x3

    10 min recovery

  16. SWOD: 190 x 1; 170 3 x 3

    -4 Ring Dips (toes on box)
    -8 KB Swings @ 36lbs
    -12 ab mat Sit Ups
    7 rounds + 7 KB swings

  17. practice deadlift: 100#
    metcon: 6rnd-4su with 26# and band assisted dips