Saturday 11.27.10

 The gymnastics and bodyweight movements are tough and often times exceed our abilities.  But just the fight to achieve the movements, even one rep, can add so much more to your current fitness level and you are pushing yourself harder than the majority of even those in the fitness world.

SWOD (optional): Power Clean 90% x 1, 80% x 3 x 3

Metcon: “Ryan”
5 rounds:
-7 Muscles Ups (or sub of choice)
-21 Burpees
Each burpee terminates with a jump one foot above max standing reach.

We weren't able to program a SWOD for yesterday, today is a chance to make up for it if you want to.

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  1. HSPU Day 12

    SWOD: 255 x 1, 225 x 3 x 3
    Metcon: 22:57 Rx'd. Don't think it was a PR this time

  2. SWOD: Power Clean-55lbs worked on form

    Metcon: Ryan in 22:47
    5 rounds of:
    7 muscle ups
    21 burpees

  3. SWOD: Power Clean 185x1, 165x3x3

    Metcon: "Ryan" - 22:27 (Jumping MU's)

  4. HSPU Day #12

    SWOD: I did this yesterday but I worked up to 255x1, then I did dynamic effort deadlift instead of PC and did 325 9x1 on the :20 mark focusing on speed in the movement.

  5. HSPU Day 12

    I am hoping to start my 50 timed push ups today. Doing the 3 sets of 25 isn't getting me closer to 50 consecutive. Gotta try something different!

  6. SWOD: Power Clean 80# x 1, 70# 3x3

    Metcon: Ryan - 29:55 (varied modifications for MUs--assisted pull-ups, ring dips, MUs from floor, etc.)

  7. SWOD: 185# working on form because mine is really crappy

    METCON: "Ryan" 26:4...something (jumping Mu's)

  8. 185 at 90% then 135 for form

    23:30 4 bar muscle ups, rest kneeling rings