Sunday 11.7.10


The mental aspect of the workout is just as important as the physical part of the workout. I am sure you have heard, “mind over matter.” This is absolutely true. The more you “think” you can the more you WILL. If you are pushing yourself, then you reach a point where you are not sure that you can get that 1 extra rep without putting the weight down, that one extra pull up, or that extra distance on your run. Knowing that you are in control of your body and it will do what your mind says will take you to the next level. Another part of this is commitment. Commitment makes athletes….Champions. When a Champion makes a decision to commit, they do not let anything get in their way. They keep the “I can” attitude and let everything else fall by the way side.

It is important to know what challenges you and attack that challenge with a full head of steam. When you show up at The Compound with a focus, it brings a level of intensity to your workout that can elevate your results. All this stems from keeping your head in the game. It is all about pushing through the tough part and finding that it does get easier. Victory is sweet even if it a small goal that you have set and achieved or a large one.


  1. i definitely had a mentally challenging morning the other day when trying to get my 1rm deadlift. thank you Craig for snapping me out of it and getting me through another 5lbs added to it. it's not alot of weight but it's 5 lbs closer to my goal. i'm super stoked about it! Thanks again.

  2. You did good Erica, when it came down to it you just needed to be able to mentally picture yourself lifting the weight and then you did.

    To continue Kyle's in another direction; mental preparation is another aspect of lifting that many people overlook. Many of us have all the form and skill in the world, but we don't take a few minutes before the lift to stop talking to a friend, mentally picture all the steps to go through a successful lift, and prepare the mind for the heavy load you are about to place on it.

  3. Guilty as charged.... I will work on my mental focus and socializing. Need to set some lifting goals to help as I have lost some drive in this area.