Monday 3.21.11

Jason Kahlipa uses dynamic effort deadlifts in preparation for the 2011 CrossFit Games

There are three basic ways to get stronger:  The max effort method, the dynamic effort method, and the repetition method.  The max effort method, where we spend most of our training time, is all about lifting the most weight possible for low reps.  The repetition method is pretty much the opposite:  lifting a light load for high reps.  The dynamic effort method is lifting a light load as fast as possible with little rest, for low reps.   

The Dynamic Effort Method is not used to develop maximal strength, but to increase force production and explosive strength. By training at 50-70% and using compensatory acceleration, the athlete will become more explosive. Using compensatory acceleration (pushing as hard and as fast as one can during the concentric phase of the lift) allows the athlete to push maximally against sub-maximal weights. Thus an athlete that can deadlift 300lbs. using 195lbs (65%) can produce 300 lbs. of force as long as he concentrates on accelerating the bar. The training of force development is imperative in order for an athlete to achieve his potential. 

SWOD: Deadlift (conventional or sumo stance) 65% of 1rm, 10x2 with a new set beginning every :30 (reps should be explosive and perfect form).

Metcon:  100 KB 1-Arm Clean and Press, with 2 kb turkish get ups on the minute every minute.  Use the heaviest KB you can do turkish get ups with, and the entire metcon must be done with the same bell.  Start this WOD with 2 turkish get ups, then do the most KB clean and presses you can for the rest of the minute.  The clean and presses can be done as a mixture of hands, but 100 total reps must be completed (50 each side).

Post weights and times to the comments section!  bc 


  1. SWOD:65% @ 85#
    Metcon: 11:46 18#kb, 1 turkish get up starting @ #48

  2. SWOD: 10 x 2 @ 345# (warmed up to 500#)
    Metcon: 16:55 w/ 53# KB

  3. SWOD: 10x2, 65% @ 215#
    Metcon: 7:50 @ 44#

  4. Strength WOD:
    - Back Squat: 350x1, 315x3, 280x5
    - Shoulder Press: 205x1, 185x5, 165x7
    - Chin Ups: +80x2, +40x5, Unweighted x8

  5. 100lbs for dead lift sumo
    20 min at 18lbs KB

  6. SWOD: 275x10x2

    Metcon: 16 reps @ 53#kb, 50 reps @ 44#kb. 66 total. Capped out at 20 minutes.

    Just when I think I'm making progress, you program a WOD like this. I'm completely humbled.

  7. Swod #155 10x2
    Metcon:19:04 #18 get ups/#26 clean & press

  8. SWOD: 145# 10x2
    Metcon: 11:33 @ 26# KB; subbed 2 GHD situps for Turkish Getups to preserve the shoulder a little

  9. swod: 205# 10x2
    metcon:17:53 @ 44# kb
    "Rock & Roll" wod tonight ...wahooey!!

  10. SWOD: 335x10x2
    METCON: 15:47 53kb first 9 rounds then had to switch to 44kb to finish

  11. Swod: 195 dl 10x2

    Metcon: 12:08... 50 reps with 44, then 50 with 36

  12. SWOD: 145# deadlifts 10x2
    Metcon: 15:58 50 reps 26# 50 reps 18#

    I have bruises on both wrists, looks like someone tried to grab me.

  13. Swod: 125x10x2

    Metcon: 14:47
    26# for 10 clean and presses in the first minute but then zero for the next two minutes because it took me an entire minute to do two turkish get ups so I switched to the 18# kb and for both the turkish get ups and clean and presses for 70 more clean and presses until Greg made me switch back to the 26# kb for the last 20.

  14. Swod 65# bench press 10 x2
    Wod 15:55 10lbs