Sunday 4.10.11


I have seen a lot of PR's written on the whiteboards, the website, on facebook, through texts or emails, etc.  Starting with the first half marathon, to the Total, and just everyday training. 

The Pull Up training earlier this week seemed to provide a method for improvements, with everyone pushing themselves a little farther than usual pull up training to improve their skills.  Jen H. got her first strict pull up this week and then forced everyone to watch her all week do it again and again!

(Just kidding Jen, it was great!) 

  Hao got his first muscle up a few weeks back!

Many of the participants for our CrossFit Games Team have gone beyond their comfort zone to try weights that are a bit heavier than they would usually try.  Kim even full squat cleaned her own bodyweight for the first time....twice!!

(Kim wouldn't let me video  her clean attempts, so here's a completely random photo of someone doing bench press.)

I know there are more, but I can't think here at 4:30 am after a night at work. But keep telling us about your PR's. It helps you see the gains you are making and inspires everyone at the gym to do more! cc


  1. Strength WOD:
    - Back Squat: 375x1, 340x3, 300x5
    - Shoulder Press: 205x3, 190x5, 170x8
    - Chin Ups: +80x2, +45x4, unweighted x8

  2. after two 5 minute attempts at the CF Open wod 11.3 just could not get/clean the prescribed weight (165#,3 #'s over my body weight). Did however pr on my clean and front squat, 155#. I will be there "with bell's on" as Danyle would say, on Monday. Good luck to the rest of you on the next 3 wods!!

  3. Nice PR,Right on Douggie!
    You are an awesome " old dude" !!!

    Jenny PR'd on the "Los Reyes Nacho Throwdown" Good work !!!

  4. Wow! Good job Jenn, Hao, Kim and Doug!! and Jenny...I've attempted the Los Reyes nachos a few times but haven't been able to do it so maybe next time you can come with me:)

    Oh, and I pr'd this week bacon OR vodka!! ;)

  5. CFE
    6.8mi Lagoon/Tower run
    Great job Doug!