Sunday 8.14.11

If anyone has had the chance to watch Expedition Impossible; the purple team, The Gypsies (one of them shown here rappelling), has been destroying the competition.  The team members tout general physical preparedness (in this case CrossFit) and eating meat, veggies, seeds and nuts (such as Paleo) as their key to success.

What do you do at The Compound!?!

With the Saturday 8 AM sessions providing us an opportunity to invite some friends to try out The Compound, a few of you may have noticed how difficult it is to explain what kind of training we do here.  CrossFit has tried to sum it up in one sentence, "to increase your work capacity across broad time and modal domains."  Actually, that sentence really does say it all, but at the same time without proper explanation, in my experience, it is rarely comprehended.

There are many buzzwords that the fitness industry uses and definitions are easily misconstrued without proper definition. So there is no easy way to explain our program in one sentence. “Functional movement”, “Core strength”, “General Physical Preparedness” have all been used time and again. So let's try to quickly and easily define some of these terms as we explain our gym:

The Compound is a strength and conditioning gym focused on general physical preparedness. General physical preparedness is the ability to perform any physical task that life may throw at you. A first responder may need a short burst of speed and power or the ability to run a medium to long distance and still be able to complete his tasks. A parent might need to pick up their child or pet, whether in play or in an emergency. An athlete may need to move something heavy or light for extended periods of time. Take any task that life may throw at you and you should be ready for it. This general physical preparedness means you are fit, and being fit is healthy. Being healthy makes everything you do in life a little easier.

We forge our general physical preparedness by taking functional movements, movements that mimic or strengthen natural human movements, and mix them up in a variety of ways to make fun group workouts that can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 50 minutes. We use three types of functional movement groups to create our workouts:

WEIGHTLIFTING: Weightlifting is the movement of any external load. This includes but is not limited to barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, stones, tire flipping, sled dragging, etc.

GYMNASTICS: Any bodyweight movement is a gymnastic movement. Jumping, squatting, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, handstands, rings; any movement that manipulates one's body through space.

MONOSTRUCTURAL: Typical "cardio" movements like running, rowing, and jump roping.

Our workouts are not at all random, but rather varied to encompass all functional movements. Our workouts are formatted to engage the entire body utilizing traditional weightlifting, interval/ circuit training, sprints and CrossFit workouts. The benefit of our program is that it works for everyone becasue all movements, lifts, and weights can and are scaled during every workout to fit the physical capabilities of the individual. The participants in a workout may have different skill levels, but everyone is working out together and supporting one another. All the movements are coached before each workout. Each workout is briefed so that everyone knows exactly what they are doing and how to do it as efficiently as possible to achieve the best results.

We have a very different attitude at The Compound compared to other gyms.  Our goal is to teach proper, safe and effective movements for each exercise so you move well inside and outside the gym.  We believe there is a correlation between the real world and the gym.  Poor movement outside The Compound will exacerbate inside the gym and vice versa.

I hope that helps explain a little of what we do.  We all know that an explanation does not compare to trying it for themselves, so when all else fails, simply invite them to come in and check us out.  cc

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