Sunday 8.28.11

We have acquired quite an array of strongman equipment, thanks a bunch to Matt.  If anyone wants to know how to use this stuff before we get around to showing you, pull a coach aside and if they know they will surely show you!

Integration of Strongman movements into our training can be invaluable to our fitness. Strongman movements provide a playground where we can test brute strength while improving on our conditioning. Due to the often awkward size/shape/consistency of the objects we used in strongman lifts, the movements become very inefficient compared to the symmetrical barbell we are used to. Take, for instance, a sand-filled keg –a dynamic load that represents a challenge to the neuro-muscular system that a barbell cannot compete with.   The quicker we adjust to these inefficient movements and become proficient in them,  the better our body adapts to and responds favorably to the unfavorable stimuli.

Do strongman techniques go with CrossFit? If CrossFit is about moving large loads, long distance, quickly; then there is no better expression of that than moving a yoke that is 3x bodyweight across a field in 30 seconds. Or carrying 1.25x Bodyweight in EACH HAND the same distance in less than 30 seconds. How about Flipping a 500 pound tire for max reps in 60 seconds? Large Loads, Long Distance, Quickly. Strongman lifts can help increase max efforts. The only way to improve your one rep max is to lift heavy.

Midline stability is paramount to moving these items.  We always talk about having a tight core all the time, but you will not truly understand it until you place The Yoke on you and begin carrying it.

Consider these other reasons...

• Strongman exercises increase real world strength (we need the ability to adjust and adapt to changing surroundings on the field).
 • Increase posterior chain development. All these things are a necessity to someone striving to become a decent CrossFitter or just be in decent shape.
• Excellent way to simultaneously integrate metabolic conditioning and strength training.

The negatives for learning the lifts you ask?  You will probably be called by friends more often to help them move large heavy objects into or out of their house.  But, that's just another chance to learn your strongman lifts.  cc

Here is a video showing some real world strongman training:


  1. Running Wod#3- 1 hour running/no sprints

    5.81 miles
    10:20 Avg. Pace

  2. Gymnastics Workout @ CrossFit Valley of the Moon-

    20 Rounds for Time of:

    5 Pushups
    5 Situps
    5 Strict Pullups