Saturday 9.10.11

Muscle Ups and Burpees.  Someone told me this week they would prefer doing sets of Burpees than Wall Balls any day!  Here you go.....
SWOD: Muscle Up technique and practice.  Scaling options.

Metcon: "Ryan"
5 rounds for time of:
-7 Muscle Ups (or scaled substitute)
-21 Burpees.  Each Burpee terminates with a jump one foot above max standing reach.

For the Burpees, extend you arm above your head and mark a point on the wall or pull up structure 12" above your reach.  Jump and touch that point on each Burpee.

Cap at 45:00.

Post times to comments. cc


  1. scaled: 7 false grip ring pullups/7 mobility wod bar dips with proper spine and head alignment/21 burpees- 5 rnds...all of this frankly kicked my ass today. Came in when I did'nt want to..gratefull to participate.

  2. Metcon 34:09 Ring Dips/PullUps

  3. Scaled: 3 rounds 21 pull ups, 21 dips, 21 burpees, 30 minutes

  4. 27:24

    6 muscle ups in a row to start (PR), 9 total
    Scaled rest 3pus/3dips per mu

  5. METCON:
    21-15-9 bodyweight bench press/ pullups
    12:56 @ 250#