Tuesday 9.13.11

I was putting this photo up to make fun of Alan a bit.  But during the evening classes this happened when I was demonstrating a squat:

Sorry for the show everyone at the 4:30 class

SWOD:  Power Clean 5x3 (try to do all sets at 85% of 1rm.  For a true 3rm your hands should not leave the bar, and no bounce off the ground)

Metcon:  As many rounds as possible in 12:00:
- 3 Power Cleans @ 85% of today's 3 rep sets
- 1 round of Cindy (5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats)

Post weights and rounds to comments. cc


  1. SWOD:55-65-70-75-80
    Metcon:14 squats short of 8 rds @ 65#

  2. SWOD- 55-65-85-95-105

    METCON- 6 rds + 5 pull ups...100 # PC, jumping pull ups

  3. 120# x3
    Metcon: 8 rounds plus 5 pull up

  4. SWOD 115,115,125,125,125
    Metcon 8Rds + cleans,p/upd,pullups,1 squat
    (105#s,strict pullups)

  5. SWOD: 225X5X3
    METCON: 6RNDS +5+10+8 @195
    P.S. I accomplished my first friggin muscle up today. I took the liberty of putting my name on the board.
    P.S.S Thanks for the flattering pic Craig.

  6. Awesome job on the muscle up Alan! anyone get a pic?

  7. * I'm a witness to Alan's muscle up, but I don't think anyone took a photo. :(

    SWOD: 105# x 5 sets of 3 reps
    Metcon: 15 squats short of 6 rounds at 95#

  8. 2 days off..of Crossfit wod's anyway. Today amrap 8hrs. 3 tier scaffold climbing, pullup hand over hand 14' 3x10"s (cedar) x6, 8 inch hole drilling x36. grip 42 3x10's @ 3' from the clown handing them up to me. Assemble as fast as possible to satify ahole superintendent.. all of the part's mentioned. Walk entire jobsite for safety infraction's by men that at times cant walk and chew gum at the same time. Several..drive home. Done

  9. SWOD: 55# x 5 sets of 3you reps
    Metcon: 5 rds 55#, jumping pullups, box 20 pushups

  10. SWOD: I only got one set in 1x5 @105#
    Metcon: 6 rounds @ 95#
    I'm sorry I missed Alan's muscleup but I'm even more sorry I missed Craig's wardrobe malfunction.

  11. SWOD: 85lbs 5x3
    Metcon: 8rds @ 70lbs w/ band pull ups

  12. ELKO NV Hotel WOD:

    400m run (approx)
    Then 8 min AMRAP of
    10 pushups
    15 airsquats
    8 rounds + 3 pushups

    Running at 5000ft elevation kinda sucks!

  13. SWOD: 80lbs 5x3
    Metcon: 5 rounds plus 3 cleans