Sunday 10.15.11

Yesterday, I took part in Gold's Gym/ Nutrishop's "Strongest/ Fittest" competition.  They borrowed our large tires and farmer's handles for the event, so I thought I'd go out there and try my hand at it.  It had a good turnout, and put aside any critiques I may have about the competition, I had fun trying new things and meeting other competitors from different gyms in the area.

All the events were the same for the lights, middle, and heavyweights, just with varying weights for the movement.s  There were five events: First, a 60 yard keg carry for time, 30 yard tire flips for time, an approx. half ton truck pull for time, max bench press reps in a minute at 75% bodyweight, and max deadlift reps in a minute at bodyweight.

I competed in the middleweight division. I don't know what my exact scores for all the events were, but I ended up winning the middleweight division and bringing home $100 dollars and a carton of protein powder of some sort.

Thanks to Chris G, Doug, Holly, Brad, Kyle, and Erica for going out to root me on.  My wife came also and brought our kids and I impressed them (my two boys) with the truck pulling, and that's all I'm trying to do right?  impress my kids for as long as possible. cc


  1. Craig.. I will be fully impressed if you can complete "The Lincecum challenge" at InNOut with a sub 5min time. Lets do this.

  2. And you should probably train more half range of motion if you want to win it all next year.

  3. the "no rep" flag needed to be waved yesterday fer shur. Nice job practicing what you preach Craig.

  4. I wondered what was going on in the parking lot. Wish I had known, I would have cheered too. Great job!!

  5. super fun to watch you compete even though i was no repping pretty much everyone except you and another crossfitter. I'm with Brad on you training half range of motion if you wana take home the gold next year but then again if Gold's is serious about us doing this with them next year then we will be the judges and people's 35 half ass reps of deads are gonna turn into 5 true reps real fast!!!! Great job and way to represent!

  6. METCON:
    8 rounds
    - 8 kbs @70#
    - 50yd sprint