Saturday 12.24.11

The original G.I. Jane workout from

Metcon: "GI Jane"
-100 Burpee Pullups for time

(25:00 time cap)

There are only two requirements for this workout, 1) chest hits the deck and 2) chin over the bar.  How you get there in between is up to you (except for building a box jump stair case to walk up each rep).

These are two of the best body weight movements put together in a single exercise.  Doing 100 reps of anything is not just physically exhausting, but mentally trying as well.  Give yourself small goals throughout the workout to achieve.  To complete this workout in the allotted time, you would need to  perform an average of 4 reps per minute.  That is extremely doable.  How much faster can you push yourself?

Post times and bar height to comments.