Wednesday 3.21.12

L-sit progressions from CrossFit Gymnastics

Skill:  Partner up and accumulate 3:00 in an L-Sits or L-Hang of both

Conditioning: 5 rounds, for quality
- Handstand Hold, 30s
- 10 Pistols (alternate legs)
- 20 Hollow Rocks

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  1. Metcon: 4 rds: 10 push presses, 10 pistol squats, 20 situps

    SWAT training: 22:25 with Holly

    1. Sooo...let me get this straight, the 20 something pregnent chick and her buddy (also female.. and both being extremly fit I might add) clobbered the SWAT TEAM this morning. Brad keep those guys out of the donut shop !!

  2. 12.5 practice...thrusters to 100# no rush, LA helped me with form/technique

    Chest to bar pullups...geez Ive struggled with those. So tonight. not getting them at first, then did 3x5 sets of strict weighted pullups only 10 extra #'s) and SHAZAAM !!! banged out set of three solid chest to bar pullups...I mean solid chest banged the flippin bar...Glory halleluyah! Im sure I have more in me now... should have practiced wallballs last week but live and learn, dontcha'know !