Friday 6.29.12

TK showing a good front rack position preparing to go overhead with the barbell.  During thrusters, you should be in this position after the squat before pressing it out:  chest up, elbows out if front of the bar, bar resting on the shoulders, ready to pull your head back out of the vertical path of the barbell.  And being shirtless just makes it that much more awesome!  Get after it, son!

Strength: Thrusters, 1 rm for the day

Conditioning: “Fran “
Reps of 21-15-9
- Thrusters (95/65#)
- Pull Ups

For the Strength, use this as a good warm up for the Conditioning. If you feel like hitting a 1rm you can, but only if you feel it won't negatively affect your Fran time.

Post weights and times to comments.


  1. SWOD: 130x1 Thruster (PR) did this on wednesday
    Metcon: 7:15 rx'd, did this on thursday

  2. SWOD: 115x1
    Metcon: 9:53

  3. Rowed 2k

    Fran: @ 35lbs with orange band pull-ups. Goal rx'd sub 8 in 3 months

  4. Thruster (b0x squat) 115 lbs
    Thruster (box squat) @80 lbs 12:33

  5. SWOD = 210 (PR)

    FRAN = 7:16

  6. 175 thruster

    4:55 fran (not a good week for me)

  7. Swod: 95# PR
    Metcon: 10:48 with black band Pr

  8. SWOD: 115#
    Metcon: 10:15 rx PR! - 2 min. 16 seconds faster :)

  9. Swod: 185#
    Metcon: 6:03

  10. thruster 115#
    Kettlebell Long cycle..this is a KB competition wod that I totally underestimated. 10 minutes started with 2-44 # kb,s. The goal is to not put them down for the 10 minutes...the movement is double kb clean to the rack posotion then on to a push press..repeat. 12 reps in 3 minutes. SWITCH to lighter weight 2/36# kb...6 reps on the minute for the next 7 minutes, setting them down for approx.35 seconds each round...argh. boy do I have some work to do in order to go a full 10 minutes.

  11. wrist killing me in rack position. couldnt get elbows up- dropped wt down. 95# 1RM, 12:03 fran @ 65#. No energy to boot. frustrating.

  12. 215 Thruster (20 lbs. PR)

    recovery WOD from Thursday.