Saturday 7.07.12

Strongman class starts today at 10 am.  Come by and check it out!

Why you Should Do Strongman lifting:
- Strongman increases real-world strength, because in daily life we are required to move odd objects such as a grocery bag or a child as efficiently as possible. Barbells exist only in a gym setting.
- These movements are great for posterior-chain development, a necessity for someone striving to becoming stonger.
- Strongman programming provides you with a variety of different stimuli, all aimed at achieving an increase in work capacity - which translates to an increase in your ability.
- Strongman lifts simultaneously integrates metabolic conditioning and strength training.

It is infinitely scalable:
- One of the misconceptions about strongman is that you have to look like a large overweight beast to take part in it. Nothing could be further from the truth. All these movements are scalable and can be adopted into almost any program. These movements are open to people of all abilities, genders and strength levels.  They are real life movements.

Skill:  Work up to the heaviest KB thruster you can handle with good form, practicing cleaning the KB's into position

Complete 5 rounds of 1:00 at each of:
- KB Thrusters at heaviest weight possible (use a barbell if there isn't enough KB's)
- Pull Ups
- Burpees
- 1:00 Rest

Keep score of this one as total reps, just like Fight Gone Bad.

Post reps to comments.


  1. 221 w/ 10 at 53# rest at 44#


  2. KB thruster 1rm: Double 62#'rs
    conditioning: 35# kb's and kipping pullups..172 reps

  3. 145 w/35# KBs, Kipping/Jumping Pullups

  4. 194 w/15@26 rest@18, bband pullups
    KBthruster 1rm 35

  5. 167 Rx'd 44# KB
    KB Thruster 53# 1repmax

  6. 144 w/18# kb, blue banded pullups