Sunday 7.15.12

The rings have been replaced and set up!
To all who have Muscle Ups.....or are working on theirs (which should be everyone, eventually).  So i'll start over....

To everyone,

Several of the straps from our rings have started to break down a bit.  The buckles aren't fitting as tight as they used to, so after a few reps some the the rings slip an inch or so.  Those have been replaced and there are once again 3 sets of rings hanging from the ceiling.  There are also 6 sets now hanging from the Pull Up rig.  And some of them are metal, so if you hear some clanging from that section, you will know what they are.

To help save the rings (specifically the straps and buckles), we have a few changes for the rings:

     - The 3 sets hanging from the ceiling have been set at a certain height and the extra slack in the straps have been zip-tied.  These 3 sets heights will not be moved for ring push ups, dips, ring rows, are for the different heights of our athletes.  These will be the "Muscle Up" rings and if you can't reach we will move boxes there to assist.

     - The 6 sets from the pull up rig will be used for Muscle Up assistance practice, ring push ups, handstands, dips, rows, etc and their height can be moved where ever you need it.

     -  In the past we've allowed kids to swing on the rings and play with them.  Generally this is not an issue (unless they are doing it during class), but lately many are not simply on the rings, they are grabbing the loose strap that hangs on the ground and swinging with that portion.  This puts undue tension on the buckles in the wrong direction and can quicken the damage done to them.  So now we will just make a blanket policy that says no kids on the rings unless they are being supervised by you for a workout or learning a movement on the rings.

So please help us keep the rings in good condition and continue to work on those Muscle Ups!

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