Sunday 8.05.12

The Olympics are in full swing.  I enjoy the olympics, the chance to watch other sports that no one cares about except every four years.  The medal count is going on, and China had been on top with the most medals, but as of this writing America has taken over in overall medals and Gold medals (the ones that count).

Lots of sports to watch, water polo and weightlifting being my two favorite.

This is Kendric Ferris, America's best male weightlifter and the only male American to qualify for the Olympic Games. He finished with a 355kg total (do the math, 1kg = 2.2 lbs). Which put him tenth in his weight division on Friday.  After all theses years, American weightlifters are still so far behind the top weightlifters in the world. What could it be from?  Drugs?  training methods?  picking kids from grade school to only compete in that sport? I do know that when i started CrossFit, there were maybe 3000 weightlifters nationally across the U.S.  Since CrossFit has made Weightlifting accessible to everyone, USA Weightlifitng has more than tripled. Obviously you can't do CrossFit and be an elite olympic weightlifter.  However, many people start Crossfit and then switch to weightlifting. Perhaps this is the start of teenage CrossFitters somewhere growing up to be Olympic Lifters!

Watch some of Kendric Ferris's 2012 lifts at the link below.  Notice his Push Jerk rather than a split.  This is because he is one of the strongest Squatters in Weightlifting....I'll still stick to the Split:

Enjoy the rest of the Olympics.  Monday we start back with Back Squats and our linear progressions.

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