Wednesday 10.24.12

Two different options of kipping pull ups.  
I look at the butterfly pull up the same way as I look at "floppies".  Great for speed and winning the CrossFit games.  But the full Burpee and Regular Kipping Pull Up are better for skill transfer to other exercises and all around better for athleticism.  But you play around and find out for yourself

Skill: Pull Up Practice.  Spend 20 minutes working this skill.

Conditioning:  For time:
- Run 1 mile
- 40 Toes to Bars

Post times to comments.


  1. METCON: SLOW 8:21 Mile total 12:20 w/ Toes 2 Bar

  2. swod:BS 105
    metcon: 10:40 mile

  3. Found a Kick-Ass Crossfit shirt I hope everyone orders.
    It is Crossfit Walter Reed and all the proceeds go to supporting the amputee athletes who train at that box. The design is inspiring and it goes to a good cause. Please check out there is a link to the right of their main page.

  4. SWOD: Pull-Ups
    Metcon: 16:08

  5. Swod: 5 butterfly pull ups
    Metcon: 11:01