Sunday 3.31.13

CrossFit Games Open Competitors:
13.4 scores are due today by 5pm.  Those of you that need to submit scores know who they are.  I know a few people are out of town and couldn't get to the gym.  Some people attempted weights they have never tried before and almost got a rep or two in the workout, but not quite this year.

This is the point in The Open when the truly fit separate themselves from the rest of us.  All we can do is be proud that we put ourselves out there and strive to do better next year!

Fun training day for me yesterday.  I woke up and got to the Compound in time to judge Doug on 13.4. He did amazing, especially if you remember how much 135# handled him just a few years ago!  That's guy's improvements never cease to amaze me.

Then, Doug stuck around and put these bars up on the pull up rig:

They are some single bar Pull Up bars, so anyone who wants to can start working on Bar Muscle Ups and anything else they want.  Thanks Doug for all the hard work!  I got through about half of my workout, before my "CrossFit ADD" kicked in and I spent the rest of the time attempting Bar Muscle Ups (I have never even attempted them before - but I gave myself a goal to get them by week's end).

This is not the Pull Up structure's finished product.  It is going to go through a few changes over the next couple of months.  We opted for bare finish on the single bars for now, but that can be changed.  Play around with them, and tell us how it feels on your grip, as you go longer in a workout, etc.