Sunday 5.19.13

Skills testing is over for now.  Thank you to everyone that completed all or part of the tests.  If you noticed, no one was standing over you writing your scores down and noting every move you made.  It was up to you to challenge yourself and record it for you.   Hopefully it gave you an honest look of your current fitness status and can help you see what you may need to do next to progress.

Don't get comfortable with whatever level you scored yourself at.  This is a work in progress and certain things may change.  Some things may change to be tougher or easier.  It will be a trial and error thing, but your scores will help create the best tests possible to help us all progress.

Thank you for the many of you that recorded your scores on the blog.  But we need more.  The more information you can give the coaches about your training history, the better we can assist you and write better workouts for the gym.  Keep recording your scores on the whiteboard, but also use the comments section in the blog.  Every blog posts has a list of exercises and workouts that you can click on and compare old scores to IF you write them down.  There are also examples of Coaches workout blogs listed to the right of this post if you are unsure how to record you workouts.

This weekend was the first weekend of the CrossFit Games Regionals, including Europe and So.Cal.  Next weekend, May 24-26 will be the Nor Cal Regionals, where Jenna will be competing.  Take a look at the CrossFit Games website and you will already see people completing the workouts Jenna will have to do.  Perhaps we will try a few of the Regional workouts this week to see how we compare.

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