Wednesday 11.27.13

Warm up those Hamstrings! - don't cherry pick this workout. I promise it's a good one!

Strength: Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3

WOD: For best time:
- 3 x 300 yard Shuttles (6x50yrd)

Rest 5 Minutes between efforts
Touch one foot and one hand just outside the cones at each turn.

The test many Football Athletes use is below. I'm not even going to put a women's weight on here, this is just for reference and a goal to get all three shuttles beneath one of these times:
*less than 200 lbs - 60 seconds and below
*200 lbs-250 lbs - 65 seconds and below
*greater than 250 lbs - 70 seconds and below

Post weights and times to comments.

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