Friday 5.09.14

:  Push Jerk, 1rm for the day

WOD:  On the minute for 12:00:
- 2 Push Jerks
- max. hold Isometric Pull Up

Post weights to comments.


Workout Goals:  Hit a heavy rep for the day.  If a PR is there, take it, but don't worry about working for that PR and taking too many attempts.

For the WOD, take the weight from the ground every minute.  There are Jerks, not Push Presses, so work on pressing yourself down under the bar.  After your two reps, hang at the top of the Pull Up until your strength gives out or the minute is over.  Work on not allowing the shoulders to rotate forward.  The should be back as though you are allowing a bar to sit on your shoulders.  Repeat for 12:00.

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