Sunday 7.06.14

I subscribe to the local morning radio show, Rob, Arnie and Dawn's rules for being a sports fan.  This is not a complete list, but it is the first of their many rules:

1 – If you grow up in an area with major sports teams, those are your teams.

2 – If you grow up in a massive area with multiple teams in multiples sports, than you must choose teams. Pick the Niners or the Raiders, not both. Pick the A’s or The Giants, not both.

3 – Once you’ve committed your loyalties to a team, that’s it. That’s your team. If you move, you’re still a fan of your original team. You cannot change teams because you changed geography.

More rules can be found at Rob & Arnie's Official Rules For Being A Sports Fan

There is a new sport in town, called the NPGL, the National Pro Grid League.  It is the national coed sport with any money behind it.  To learn more about the NPGL click HERE or check out the video below as to what they have been doing for the last few months:

Their first ever draft is coming up this Thursday, July 10th.  Following the Rules for Being a Sports Fan, we have a local team to support if we choose to follow this sport.  The San Francisco Fire:

You can follow them on Facebook HERE

This is not CrossFit, although you will see a lot of CrossFitters and CrossFit Games Athletes there.  It is not about finding the fittest in the world over different types of training styles, time frames etc.  This is team races utilizing fitness, weights, gymnastics, etc and the longest race is seven minutes long.

I'm interested to see where this sport goes and how it grows.  The season starts at the end of August, so "Go Fire!"

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