Sunday 9.07.14

Congrats to all the competitors at WOD for a Cause!  

I am finally warming up to social media.  Didn't really care for it, still pretty bad at it on my regular posts, unless it involves making fun of my kids or showing myself off in a skirt.

But thanks to social media, Instagram, Facebook, online scoreboards, etc.,  I was able to keep relatively up to date with how our competitors were doing in their competition in San Jose today.

So, if you want to see what people in our CrossFit Vacaville North Community are doing, here is some social media pages to "Like" and "Follow:

- CrossFit Vacaville North on  Facebook:

- CrossFit Vacaville North on Instagram:  @cfvvncompound

- Compound Nutrition Page:

- Compound Weightlifting Club:

- Compound's Highland Games group:

On top of that, like each others pages, become friends with each other and support each others awesome accomplishments.  We work hard and suffer together in the gym.  Let's support each other through social media as well!

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