Sunday 9.14.14

The third Nutrition Challenge Potluck is today at 5:00pm at Brenda Wilson's home!! We will be eating and having a Tupperware party! Linda Pedigo, Erica's mom, will be showing some of her awesome products that will aid in healthy eating goals! She has several items besides Tupperware that will make quick and healthy eating faster and easier as we try to make this a lifestyle. There is no pressure to buy anything, but it is a great product to consider for helping stick to healthy nutrition for life. The easier the preparation, the more likely we are to stick to the healthy lifestyle. Here is what Linda says we will be doing:

"We will be making meatballs from scratch, actually grinding the meat with tupperwares awesome infusion master and also do some microwave cooking. Featured products will include the smart steamer endorsed by dr. Oz and how to keep those organic veggies crisp for up to 3 weeks !!"

Please RSVP with Jenna if you plan on going!

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