Sunday 11.09.14

The 2014 CrossFit Invitational is airing tomorrow Live as it takes place in San Jose this year.  It will be live streamed to CrossFit's YouTube channel,, and from 4-6 p.m. PT on Sunday, Nov. 9.

A half hour after the competition ends, the same coverage will be broadcast to ESPN2.

The CrossFit Invitational is a team event consisting of the best CrossFit Athletes from around the world.  In the previous years, it has consisted of only two teams, Team USA vs. Team World.  Each team consisted of 6 players, three men and three women.

This year, the CrossFit Invitational will feature four teams in a new format. Teams will consist of top athletes from the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia. Each team will be to just two men, two women and one coach.

If you want to check out the workouts, they can be found here:

If you have a moment, tune in to watch.  It's amazing what these athletes are capable of!

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