Sunday 1.25.15

Some things CrossFitters do are downright dumb.  This video below is NOT a CrossFit event.  It is the OC Throwdown, featuring people (some of whom compete in the CrossFit Games) doing a functional exercise competition.  This is one of the dumbest programming examples I have seen, because of the danger and it being completely unnecessary.

We want to push our performance levels as far as we can, and we truly believe a smart CrossFit programming is the best way to improve your fitness levels and get healthy.

But sometimes these fitness competitions and even programming at some CrossFit Gyms are downright dumb, pointless, and keep people from trying or sticking with their CrossFit.

We have several programs and new sessions starting in February.  Along with our regular CrossFit Class' programming, all of these are safe, yet push you hard to become better at your own pace!

Boot Camp classes at 5:00 am AND 9:00 am are beginning on Monday, February 2nd!

More info, click HERE

 Compound Lite classes at 6:00 PM begin on Monday, February 9th!

More info, click HERE

CrossFit Games Open, the online competition sanctioned by CrossFit, is available to anyone to try.  There is both open and scaled groups and we all have the ability to help the team, 'CF Vacaville North', gain points.

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