Sunday 2.15.15

Nutrition Challenge results!

Great job everyone who participated!  You all did great!  But we can only have so many winners.  Here they are:

Our first points winner is Tina!
Tina and her husband, Abe, did so amazing and they both would have won, except for Abe got sick and could not complete the 5K.  But nonetheless they both took this challenge head-on and Tina got all her points including all the bonus points. Talk about your dedication and heart and commitment and teamwork! Here's what she had to say:

"My favorite part of the challenge was the challenge in it self I do really well in competitions. And then compete with your husband on you side been you biggest supporter even better
I love the changes in my body and even if I didn't do the weight challenge I lost 10 pounds. Also the whole mind set about some foods changed I'm now implementing it in the whole house hold.

The most difficult part of the challenge was the planning the food always making sure that you had some food ready when it was time to eat so you wouldn't grab just something because you were so hungry

I felt that when I was very tired it was always the time that I wanted to eat the wrong foods. 
Because they were fast to prepare and and easier to clean up.   I just got very good at it always making sure I had my emergency nuts in the car and my water ( my best friend ) . I also discovered a taste for teas hot teas they give you the warm and full feeling in you belly and they where my to go when I had the munchies

Of corse doing it as a couple was also very helpful because we kept each other motivated. 
I still remember that my husband went with me to the tower even when he was sick already but he wanted to make sure I was not going to give up.

And now we plan on finishing the week as strict paleo but I would like to go primal if I see that is not going too well, maybe just do carbs has a treat.  And as workout comes, I'll be there every morning if possible including Saturday.

I have a long way to go but I'm on the right path.  I would like to thank ALL of the trainers for supported me and all the fellow booth campers that push me every single day to do more !!!! 
Of course my hubby he is the best and Erica the one that always pushed me to do even more and Amy for doing the tower challenge with me even when it was raining.  Thank you guys for changing my life"

Our other (tied)  points winner is Bonnie!
Just like Tina, Bonnie received all her points for the challenge with the bonus points included! Bonnie is truly amazing with her self discipline and her motivation. Every challenge thrown her away she gets right on it and does it with the happy smiling face until she reaches her goal! She normally eats very healthy but for this challenge she stepped it up to be more strict and she was able to overcome a plateau in her body composition and is now seeing the results she's always wanted. Here's what she has to say:

"My favorite part of the challenge was proving to myself I can do anything I set my mind to!!!
The most difficult part of the challenge in the beginning was not sabotaging myself. I had (before this challenge) previously been the type of person that would "almost" hit my goal and then do something to self destruct thinking I was not worthy of succeeding. My mind set HAS completely changed from that type of thinking now!
My eating did not change that much so my overall impact on was not that much. I do know I am a person who truly loves eating health foods and finding new ways to make fabulous meals with organic, all natural ingredients. My body actually craves this type of food over processed foods.
I had been eating Paleo for almost 2 years prior to this challenge. I will continue to eat Paleo and stay what I am doing. My biggest food changes were not using creamer and honey in my coffee and giving up my M&M splurges!!!! Taking that sugar out really made a difference and I will not go back to using creamer and honey in my coffee. Once I cut that excess sugar from my daily eating the craving's went. When I want something sweet now I have an orange or make a fruit protein shake. What I have learned is that counting calories is a key part of my success and making sure I am eating enough calories for my fitness levels each day is extremely important.
My future goals are to stay doing what I am doing. I know this time I will stay focused and committed as my entire mind set has changed now. It is no longer about a number on the scale, but rather about a personal achievement and the self confidence I have gained from keeping myself on track. I have learned that when I set my mind to something, for "me", and not for a number on the scale or what I think I should look like, I can succeed. Having an attitude that is positive and not self condemning makes all the difference. Any of us CAN do what we set our minds to if we just believe in ourselves!!!"

Our weight/measurement winner, Mary!
Mary lost 14 pounds (8.7% of her original weight) and 9 total inches (4.7% of her original inches)!!!!! What a crazy success for her!!  Here is what she had to say:

"My favorite part of the challenge has been trying such wonderful new foods and recipes that I would have NEVER bothered with! Who knew that you could so many things with cauliflower??
I thought the Most difficult part of the challenge was going to be giving up alcohol. But what I found myself really graving was tortilla's. Tyler shared with me a great tortilla recipe that I have been making every week now. That has really saved me.
What I discovered after the first week of eating paleo was that the pain in my knees and shoulders that I have suffered with for over 20 years was almost all gone. I had heard for so long how certain foods could affect your body and joints, but I never put much thought into it. NOW, I am a believer.
I definitely plan to mainly follow the Paleo way of life for my future nutrition plans. I miss cheese in my omelets so am going to give myself that treat, and the occasional pizza and such. But my main eating plan will be Paleo.
My future Goals for nutrition and health: I just turned 47 and knew I had become too heavy for my size. I love to be active outdoors and hike and wanted to make sure I can continue the lifestyle I WANT to have into my old age. I had to something. Several factors brought me to The Compound and I am very thankful. I am doing things I have never dreamed I would be doing in my workouts. And I have found I am stronger than I thought.
I couldn't have done all this on my own, I probably would have quit. I have a great support network in my husband who does most of the cooking for me, Erica who encouraged me to join The Compound and to sign up for the Challenge, my friend Lori who runs with me and got me to think about CrossFit, and all the trainers at the gym who make me try all these new exercises and encourage me to not give up."

The 3pm and 12 pm participants at the Solano Home and Garden Show
Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came out to the Home and Garden Show!  You guys worked hard and showed why we are a great gym!    Thank you!  Everyone I spoke to, including the Home and Garden Show organizers, had nothing but great things to say about you!

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