Thursday 3.26.15

Going into the final workout, Steven is first place in Nor Cal and 30th world wide in his scaled teen division!

Strength:  Bench Press/ Floor Press 10-10-10

WOD:  For 4 rounds, each round lasts 5:00, complete:
- 400m Run
- max. Weighted Sit Ups*

* For Weighted Sit Ups, grab a metal plate or two and hold it tight against your chest as high as possible.  If the weight comes off you chest (i.e: pulling it away for a bit of momentum to sit up), then don't count the rep.  After 5 "no reps", drop the weight down slightly


  1. SWOD
    10:00 EMOM
    5 Strict Ring Dips (bodyweight)
    (I did Bench Press yesterday)

    103 Reps @ 25#

    Just me and Oss at 5am...Great job dude!

    1. Glad someone was there to share the glory with.