The Compound... Brad Collins

Brad has played various sports all his life, finally settling on soccer and tennis in high school. Once in high school, he fell in love with weightlifting. He followed various bodybuilding-type training regimines for years. Eventually he found an interest in power lifting and strong-man type training. He continued to do this style of training for a few years and became pretty strong.
In 2005 he began to practice grappling and MMA. It was there that he found that, even though he was strong, he was too big, not very mobile, and was exhausted after a few minutes. Guys half his size embarassed him on the mat. His strength was not functional, he couldn't call on it when he was tired; he was strong, but not physically fit.
One of his martial arts instructors at the time introduced him to CrossFit. He used the methodology to lose weight, become more agile, and have better conditioning, while remaining just as strong as ever. CrossFit to bettered his MMA training, helped him to prepare for two half marathons, and for the demands of his daily job. Most importantly, CrossFit has helped him to prepare for all of the unknown "stuff" that life throws at a guy!

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