Friday 2.05.10

Another early post for all you 5am-ers!

Front Squat 3rm

For Time:
20 double unders and 1 abmat sit up
19 double unders and 2 abmat sit ups
18 double unders and 3 abmat sit ups
17 double unders and 4 abmat sit ups
so on and so forth until...
1 double unders and 20 abmat sit ups

Workout Tips: If this is your first time with front squats, there's no need to push the weight. This will challenge your core and force you to stay upright. If you need a weightlifting belt for your heavier sets, bring one. I know I will! Belts are generally discouraged as we want to develop our core strength, but if you're pushing max weight, the last few sets may require it. Avoiding injury should be priority number 1!

For the metcon portion, each round has 21 combined reps in it, hence the name. If you get tired, rest. Half reps do not count, neither do missed double unders! This will be 210 reps of each movement. If you need to scale, start at 15 double unders and 1 sit up, or 12 double unders and 1 sit up. If you can't do double unders, do 3 single jumps for every 1 double under.

Post front squat max weight, metcon time, and if scaled or not to the comments section! bc


  1. Fun morning, love starting my day with double unders!!!:)
    SWOD: Front Squats -- 65, 85, 105, 115, 120
    DWOD: 19:03
    (This was with a 21-1 progression, since counting doesn't come easily at 5 a.m.)Good workout, Craig. Thx! (Nice programming Brad)

  2. Ok 5 and 6 am-ers (especially Fathia and Danyel), Thanks for your patience with me with the rocky start this morning and all the counting and making me think. Dave needs to be the score keeper all the time, it went smoother then.

  3. SWOD Front Squats 45 65 95 105 115 125 135

    DWOD 21 1 Progression Jump Rope/SitUps 22:10

  4. SWOD Front Squats 35 55 75 85 95
    DWOD 21/1 Progression Jump Rope/Situps 22 min.

  5. front squats 35x3
    metcon 23:47

  6. front squats 115x3
    metcon 22:15

  7. Front Squats 65 95 105 55 55
    metcon 28:09 subed Tuck Jumps

  8. Awesome morning!! Started with front squats 3x5: 185, 205, 225, 245, 255x2 (couldn’t hack the third rep).

    For the metcon…20 Double unders 1 Sit up, 19 Double unders 2 Sit ups, all the way to 1 and 20…nothing but fun! Trying to bang out the double unders was hard at first but then once I found my rhythm it was a walk in the park.

    Everyone in the 0530 and the 0600 slots did a great job! Especially Dave who was ahead of me in the metcon for a great 1 round for 1 round!

  9. Craig, don't forget to thank Anthony for being so patient too!! :)
    Great workout although those darn jump ropes are very frustruating!!

  10. Front Squats: 273 x 3, 315 x 1
    metcon: 13:24 as rx'd.

  11. Kyle, what was your metcon time?

  12. Thats right, Anthony. Thanks Anonymous person for reminding me. Anthony did great on the double unders and will have 145 x3 next time we do Front Squats

  13. front squats: 115
    21's: 22:14 -- 1st half tuck jumps, 2nd half 'double unders'

  14. front squats 125
    21's 19:45

  15. air squats
    21's 25:47
    (tuck jumps)

  16. air squats
    21's 26:01(tuck jumps)

  17. air squats
    21's 25:11 (tuck jumps)

  18. Front Squat 125lb
    21's 16:20

  19. Front Squats: 115, 135, 145, 145, 155
    METCON 21: 35:24

    Double unders came one at a time. I got a couple of two at a time.

    Yes its true I smoked Kyle in the begining. Its the old bull Vs Young bull dealo. But, more important is that Prey was a no-show again. I'm really begining to feel guilty that beating him so badly last time that he's given up. Prey come back I'll let you win (once)

  20. Front Squats: 55, 60, 65, 70
    METCON: the math got very confusing at 5am and I have no idea what my time is!

    I got a great workout and battle scars to prove it. My shoulders are bruised from the bar doing my first front squats ever! I don't know if that is good or bad?? But it was a good workout nonetheless.

  21. overhead-55 x3
    front sqaut - 85x 3
    8:00 max rounds
    hang power snatch-65
    double under-20
    = 4x 3 hang power snatch

  22. SWOD: overhead squat 35,45,55,55,55
    front squat 60,70,80
    back squat 115 x 3
    WOD: 8 min hang power snatch x 5 45 lbs
    jump tucks x 20

    Me and Chanda had fun playing on the trampoline and doing cartwheels. Who thought fun could be so good for you!

  23. swod: 35,45,55x3 overhead squat
    60,65,65x2 front squat
    85x3 back squat

    metcon: 8min max rounds
    hang power snatch 35lbs
    jump and tucks x 20
    5 rounds
    also got box jump at 20 inches yeah me!!!!!!