Saturday 2.06.10


Today is a day off from strength training!

For time:
- 1 mile run
- 100 pull ups
- 200 push ups
- 300 squats
- 1 mile run

WOD Tips: You can partition the pull ups, push ups, and squats as needed. For example, do 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 15 squats 20 times. Or if you're a beast, knock 'em out consecutively.

To scale this WOD, do it as a two person team. Both of you do the mile run, then switch back and forth on the pull ups, push ups, and squats until the rx'd numbers of each have been attained. Then, both finish the second mile run.

If you need to scale, but don't have a partner, do a half Murph by just cutting everything in half.

Post times and scaling method to comments.


  1. "Team Murph" with 20lbs Vest. Split the reps.


    Dave said: What you got Kyle?

  2. Nicole took us outside for the 9:00 am workout. We modified the routine by substituting sit ups for pull ups. I also personally cut the sit ups, squats and push ups in half.
    The weather, rain and mud, added an extra element to the session. We worked out as a team so no individual times.
    Going on the road was a nice change of pace. Thanks Nicole.

  3. Today we did our workout outdoors in browns valley. We did a mile run followed be sit ups, push ups, and squats with another mile run to finish things off. I personally cut the sit ups, push ups, and squats in half. It was fun to go out doors but it did take some time to scrape the mud off. thanks for the new scenery Nicole.

  4. Squishy Team Murph today over at Browns Valley Park on Wrentham Drive.

    Warm up routine


    Ran the loop up/down and around Rambleton Drive back to the park.


    10 sets of 10, sit ups, push ups, squats.


    10 sets of 10, push ups, and squats (all wet and muddy now)


    10 sets of 10 squats.

    Then (now it's raining steadily)

    We ran the Rambleton loop up/down and around back to Browns Valley Park.

    All muddy and happy, we drove back to The Compound for a group photo in our filth.

    When can we do this again?

  5. As usual you never know what is going to happen when you show up to CF. We found ourselves in the rain and mud doing team Murph. Not what I had planned this Saturday morning, but had a great time, and an even better workout.

    Thanks Nicole!

  6. You guys are awesome! Life only gets better when you play in the mud and the steady downpour made it rock!

    You guys are always willing to do anything without compaint. You are the reason I love what I do. Thanks for starting my day off right!

  7. 1 hr 10 min full murph by myself

  8. Sorry I missed out on an awesome TEAM MURPH. I did a 17 mile XC mountain bike ride in Annadel Sate Park. This is the only way to play in the rain and mud! I will see all you bright and early on Monday morning!