Sunday 2.07.10

This is the group that braved the weather on Saturday morning to do "Team Murph". And if the mile runs in the rain weren't fun enough, they decided to do the whole thing outside at the park. Now that's dedication!

You thought we had a rest day, did ya? The gym is closed but this one you can do at home. This coming week will feature the wod called "SWAT Op Gone Bad," and in light of that today's wod is called...

"The Fire Fighter's Shift"
Max recliner hold with feet above hip level. You must hold this position for the duration of the Super Bowl. Get up once a quarter to refill snacks and beverages. You may substitute sofa lounges for recliner sits. You may also scale the wod by Tivo-ing the game and watching it without commercials. Not everyone has built up the tolerance to sit for that long like a fire fighter has!

Ok, ok. Jokes, just jokes. We love our fire fighters, Steve! Seriously, though, rest up today or if you must do something, try an easy 5k. I advocate rest, though!


  1. Hey give us some credit....we have probies to get our snacks and refill our slurpees! See you Monday.

  2. Maybe we should call it "Fire Fighter's Shift Gone Bad" since you have to get your own refills!

  3. If you're going to consider it a shift you have to squeeze in a couple rounds of naps... But I'm up for the challenge!