Monday 2.08.10

Push Press find your 3rm

"SWAT Op Gone Bad"
1:00, :45, :30, and :15 consecutive rounds of:
- Pull Ups
- Push Ups
- Squats
- Sit Ups

Keep track of total reps for all rounds and all exercises to get your total score. For example, if you do 10 pull ups the first 1:00, you would start counting your push ups at 11. Do 1:00 of each movement in this manner, followed without rest by :45 of each movement, followed by :30 of each, and finally :15 of each. This will be 10:00 total, which is a short amount of time, so the object is to go all out!

Pull Ups can be kipped or band assisted if needed, but must be palms facing away, from fully extended arms to chin over the bar. Half reps don't count! Push Ups are from chest to ground, to fully extended arms. Squats are from below parallel, to extended legs/open hips at the top. Sit Ups are feet unanchored, hands to chest, from shoulder blades to the floor, to elbows touching your thighs/knees. You can use an Abmat if you want, but it is not required for this circuit.

This circuit is done by the the SWAT teams from the Fairfield Police Department and the Solano County Sheriff's Office as part of their physical fitness programs.

WOD Tips:

For the SWOD, reset the bar on your shoulders for each rep, unlike during the metcon last week. For strength work, we want to minimize momentum to make sure the muscles are doing all of the work. Lock out each rep overhead before bringing the bar back down. Finding your 3rm, mean finding the weight at which you can do 3 reps with good form, but would be impossible to do 4.

For the metcon, find a partner to count your reps, and then you count reps for him or her afterward. This makes it much easier because you can focus on the movements without counting as you work.

As always, post push press max weight and metcon score to the comments section! bc


  1. 225 x 3 (dropped 245 on 3rd rep)

    Circuit: 348 (down 8 from last time)

  2. SWOD: 95 x 3; 100 x 2

    MetCon: 311

  3. SWOD: 185 x 3

    MetCon: 239

  4. Push Press: 250 x 3 (PR!)
    Metcon: 380 (PR!)

  5. Push Press 45 x 3
    Metcon: 211 (pull ups on band and some push ups on knees)

  6. SWOD: 55 x 3
    Metcon: 189 (banded pull up assist)

  7. Push Press 85#

    Pull-ups, Push-ups, Sit-ups, Squats, 196

    Crawling on the floor, big time, tuff to be "OLD".

  8. Push Press 155x3

    Metcon: 364

  9. Push Press 70x3
    Metcon: 254 modified pull-ups (jump)
    modified push-up (knees)

  10. Push Press 135x3 155x2
    Metcon: 257 modified pull-up (jump)
    modified push-up (knee)

  11. Push Press 70x3 75x2
    Metcon: 247 (mod pullups and pushups

  12. Push Press: 115
    Metcon: 254 - all real pullups and pushups!

  13. Push Press: 75x3
    Metcon: 270 (full/mod. pushups, mod pullups)

  14. Push Press 135
    Dont let me catch you Kyle..MetCon
    that is

  15. Push Press - 95, 135, 185
    MetCon - 267

  16. 175 5 RM which is up 25lbs then rocked a 312 on the SWAT