Tuesday 2.09.10

Fathia and Kelly warm up on the new C2 Rowers!

Tuesday 2.09.10

Clean, Power Clean, or Hang Power Clean find 1rm.

5 Rounds for Time of:
-5 Knees to Elbows
-10 Burpees
- 15 Double Unders
- 400m Run

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, this will be a new movement for most of us. Work technique, and the clean variation you chose will be based on your individual abilities. A clean involves pulling the bar from the floor, receiving it in a full front squat, and standing up with it. A power clean is pulling the bar from the floor, receiving it in a quarter front squat and standing up with it. And a hang power clean is pulling the bar from where it would be at the top of a dead lift (called the "hang" position"), receiving it in a quarter front squat, and standing up with it.

For the metcon, KTE's are self explanatory. The burpees are 5-count burpees (squat, feet back, push up, feet up, jump). Don't short cut them by sprawling into a push up. Hit every step every time. If you can't do double unders, substitute tuck jumps. Single rope turns don't produce the same intensity.

Post the Clean variation you did, your max weight lifted, and your metcon time to the comments section! bc


  1. Clean: 245, failed at 265. Not feeling it today
    Metcon: 18:10.

  2. Clean 245, failed at 265 (3x). Kyle didn;t cheer me on good enough.

    Metcon: 16:51

  3. Nothing like waking up to a 10 pound increase on your Power Clean! I stuck 245lbs for my max! That is a solid 10lbs over my last Power Clean on Jan 30th, 2010.

    The metcon was awesome! The 5 rounds of 5 knees to elbows (hanging), 10 burpees, 15 double unders, and a 400m run in 19:07, was a nice way to get the heart pumping this morning!

    And a shout out to Craig…. "You're never beaten until you admit it." - General George S. Patton, Jr

  4. Power Clean 1RM 95
    Metcon: 23:35

  5. Sorry I missed today's wod. It would have been fun to do the metcon. I had to let my shins rest and shoulder as well. See you tomorrow (hopefully)!!

  6. What a way to start your day, introduced myself to a new guy named "Bill", well not a new guy, just one we haven't seen in a while. I sure look silly trying to crawl to a standing position, gott start somewhere, modified METCON, (21:02) gotta get better. Where is Dave????

  7. Hang Power Clean 155 lbs
    Metcon 24:00
    modified double unders with tuck jumps

  8. Fathia, yes 5 am class was really lonely. It consisted of.....me. Hopefully we see all you early morningers tomorrow.
    Paul i like the attitude about starting somewhere. And you'll like Bill when you get to know him. He's a decent enough guy.

  9. A couple days off and im under under full attack. Glad I can inspire you guys.

    Power clean: did not max, did 135 and no pain
    Metcon: 22:30

  10. Power clean: 85 1rm
    Metcon: 3 rounds in 18:35
    (did this after I ran five miles-getting ready for the Shamrock'n half)

  11. Clean= 200, pretty lackluster

    Metcon= 17:18

  12. Furthermore, great effort at the 0900 class guys. You were very patient with the multiple heats but you all powered through in the rain!!

  13. No cleans for me today cuz I had to coach.

    MetCon: 17:26

    Thanks, Brad! That sucked...throw that one at the bottom of the pile. Oh, yeah, the pile is in the circular file!

  14. Clean = 115 lbs.
    MetCon = 28:37

    At 28:38 I was happy!

  15. SWOD 95 105 115
    Metcon 19:37

  16. You know you liked it Nicole!

  17. Cleaned my house
    Metcon=changed diaper in 2.2 seconds
    Give me a few months and I'll be able to post like the rest of you.
    Great job everybody today. We had several new faces and 10 people at 9am and they absolutely rocked this workout!

  18. I'm a day behind you all but workin it.
    Couldn't do SWOD due to lack of facilities here at Ft Hunter Liggett.

    METCON: 16:15

  19. That's okay David. Run a circuit around a few tank tables as a modification! CPT, FA-retired

  20. Second day back from 10 day lockout.
    Clean: 1Rm 95 115 125 135
    Metcon: 19:39