Wednesday 2.10.10

Weighted Chin Ups find your 3rm
Max reps of unweighted or assisted chin ups

"Tabata Mash-Up"
Perform 8 rounds of the following:
- AMRAP in :20 of barbell thrusters (men: 95/ women: 45)
- Rest :10
- AMRAP in :20 of KB swing (men 1.5 pood/ women 1 pood)
- Rest :10

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, chin ups are done with your palms facing you. If you can use additional weight, do so until you can no longer get 3 reps. If you can't, get as many body weight reps or assisted reps as possible. If you can do 8-10 unassisted chin ups, then do them weighted.

For the metcon, these are all out efforts. The whole thing will take 8:00. "AMRAP" means "As Many Reps as Possible." It could also mean "As Many Rounds as Possible," but not in this context. Your score is the round with the FEWEST reps in it. For example, if on thrusters I do 2 sets of 10, 2 sets of 8, 2 sets of 6, and then 2 sets of 5, my score for thrusters would be 5. Partner up if a partner is available so they can count your reps, then switch. If you've never done Tabata drills before, get ready to live! A normal Tabata drill will have only one exercise, and be done for :20 of work and :10 rest for 4:00. Here, we're combining two Tabata drills into one wod, hence the "Mash-Up" in the name.

Post weights and scores to the comment section! bc


  1. Chin Ups weighted to 60 x 3, 70 x 1
    Metcon: 95 lbs thrusters, lowest round was 5
    62 lbs KB, lowest was 10

  2. chin ups worked on kipping
    metcon: thrusters 45/35 lowest was 3
    26 lowset was 7

  3. chin ups worked on kipping
    Metcon: thrusters 45-4
    kettlebell swings-2 (had to take gloves off-dang!)

  4. chin ups: 6 kipping, (no weight)
    thrusters: 45# - 4
    kettlebell: lowest - 5 @ 1 pood

  5. chin ups: 13 knee assisted
    thrusters: 45# - low 7
    kettlebell: 1 pood - low 9

  6. Chanda I'm so glad you were there this morning. I'm sad that I wasn't there! Nice job on your workout! Can't wait to see you...maybe tomorrow morning.

  7. Chin ups: body weight
    Thrusters 95 lbs: low-4
    Kettlebell 62 lbs: low-6

  8. chin ups: 40#x3, 45#x1
    thrusters: 95# low-5
    kettlebell: 1.5pood-8

  9. The days have to get better, I just hope there is enough time left to see the improvement. Has anyone seen "John" we may need to send out a search party, he may have fallin and can't get up. 1 Assisted pull up, and 6 (35#) kettleball swings and 6 push presses (45#) Can't wait till Dave gets back, I need a partner...

  10. 22.5 lbs Weighted ChinUps
    95# Thrusters. 2
    53# Kettle. 4

  11. This morning was awesome! The 0500 and 0600 squad killed it as usual! I was hanging with 40lbsx3 for my weighted chin ups; followed by the 95 pound thrusters and 53lb kb swings. My lowest reps were 4 thrusters and 7 kb swings.

    Tomorrow will be my day off this week so I will be well rested to kill it on Friday!

  12. swod:9,10 band
    Metcon:thrusters 45lb 5 kb 36lb 6

  13. chin ups - 10,30,35,40x3
    MetCon - 95lb thruster lowest round = 3
    53lb KB swings lowest round = 3

  14. correction! 53lb KB Swings lowest was 7.