Thursday 2.11.10

Overhead Squats find 5rm

As Many Rounds as possible in 20:00 of:
-5 Pull Ups
-10 Push Ups
-15 Squats

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, remember active shoulders and a stretch reflex at the bottom.

For the metcon, use whatever assistance you need, but get the lifts as rx'd if you can!

Post weights, and rounds completed to the comment section. bc


  1. Overhead Squats 210 x 5 (PR!)
    Cindy- 16 rounds + 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 11 squats.

    Had to keep coming off the pull up bar so as not to rip my hands open. Can't have big gashes in the p[alms and go deal with Hep C folks on the street!

  2. The days have to get better, I just hope there is enough time left to see the improvement. Has anyone seen "John" we may need to send out a search party, he may have fallin and can't get up. 1 Assisted pull up, and 6 (35#) kettleball swings and 6 push presses (45#) Can't wait till Dave gets back, I need a partner...

  3. Overhead squats: 85# x 5

    Cindy: 22 rounds + 5 pullups, 10 pushups

    Felt good to finally add some weight to overhead squats. That's a challenging lift to finesse. Once you find that sweet spot everything is solid all the way down and all the way up. Everyone should focus on solid form before challenging their weight. So many things could go wrong with this lift...form is crucial!!!

  4. No overhead Squats due to equipment shortage and to many people in the facility (Ft Hunter Liggett or CFVVN-TDY)at 0630.

    Cindy: 13 Rounds + 5 pullups

    Had four people join me today for the workout. Before comments were it looks like fun, After comments were someone broke it off. See you all Saturday.

  5. OH Squat 215 x 5 (PR because i saw Brad's weight)
    Cindy: 22 rds + 2 pullups Tried my hardest so Nicole would not lap me

  6. Nice Dave. Thanks for representing us down there. Hopefully you get the entire unit joining you soon.

  7. I'm glad I could be your motivation, Craig. It sucks doing the wod's the day before everyone!

  8. OH Squat 45x5 and 55x4
    Cindy: 10 (first WOD ever without modified pushups!!!!!)

  9. OH Squat Worked technique only
    Cindy: 9 rounds in 15 min. Had to leave for a Dr appointment. No pull-ups due to injury.

  10. OK, redo on my post:

    OH Squat 65x5
    Cindy: 16 - knee band assist p/u, mod. push ups

  11. OH Squat - 85 x 5
    Cindy - 18 rounds

  12. OH Squats - PVC technique. PVC and I were friends tonight.

    Cindy - 13* rounds

    *Cindy - Seven rounds before right elbow started screaming stop. Then six rounds of 15 sit ups/15 squats.

    Elbow is iced up tonight w/bag of frozen peas. Frozen mango slices in a bag are the back up if the peas thaw out. Took 4ØØmg...okay 6ØØmg of Ibuprofen as well. Pain is almost gone, I'll live to "Cindy" another day.

  13. From 4.28.10. It was supposed to Cindy but I didn't have the time at work so I kept it to Cindy.

    I did 19 rounds + 5pull ups + 10 push ups. About 2.5 rounds better than last time.