Friday 2.12.10

Jerk (push or split) find your 1rm.

21-15-9 reps for time of:
-Dead Lift (60% of your 5rm from last week)
-Ring Dips

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, this is an explosive lift. Work technique if it's your first time with this lift before trying a lot of weight. For split jerks, remember to bring your front foot back half way, and then walk your back foot forward so you don't lose the weight overhead. The lift is not complete until your feet are back together with the weight over head.

For the metcon, don't lower the dead lift weight, just take breaks if needed. If you can't do ring dips, do bar dips, bar dips with bands, or bench/box dips. This is a short one so use the most challenging method you can and go all out!

Post weights and times to the comments section! bc


  1. SWOD: Split jerk up to 285 (PR!)
    Metcon: 7:09 with 275 dead lift and ring dips.

  2. SWOD: Split jerk still learning that lift just practiced with 35 pound bar
    Metcon: 8:03 with 95 pound deadlifts and modified dips on box

  3. Split Jerk 275 (PR)(after failing at that weight then working back up)
    Metcon: 6:29 with 245# Deads and rings

  4. 5 am class was great! Thank you all who joined. The Jerk is not an easy lift to master, it takes great patience and practice. You will all see that lift again soon, but I was real happy with how far we got today!!

  5. SWOD: Split Jerk 135 lbs. New stuff with no pain after.
    Metcon: 6:44 w/135#Deadlifts and modified to bar dips.

  6. Split Jerk: 175 lbs
    Metcon: 6:33 (135 lbs deadlifts and bar dips)

  7. Split jerk: 165 (right shoulder not 100%)
    metcon 4:38 (225 dl w bar dips)

  8. Push Jerk: 75
    metcon: 6:04 (85lb dl with bench dips)

  9. Split Jerk: 195
    Metcon: 9:01 (225 lb dl with bar dips w/band)

  10. jerk: 90 1rm push
    metcon: dl:115lb rings time: 6:29

  11. Jerk: 135
    Metccon: 11:07 135, Bar Dips

  12. SWOD:125
    MetCon: 5:35 (DL 105) -- This included a one-minute business call in the middle of the WOD!