Monday 2.15.10

Check out this link from CrossFit Solano called "Form over Speed":

Remember not to sacrifice form for a good score, or a high weight. If you don't get your chin over the bar, if you don't squat all the way down below parallel, or if you round your back on dead lifts, you are not exercising good form. The best case scenario is you cheat yourself of fitness gains. The worst case scenario is you get injured! Do the reps as rx'd, do the wod's as rx'd, compete against yourself, and reap the benefits.

Dead Lift- Find your 5rm

21-15-9 reps of:
-Thrusters 95 lbs
-Pull Ups

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, use good form, belt up if you have to, but push (or pull) the weight on these. This is our last heavy dead lift day before we go for the Compound Total, so make it count!

For the metcon, there's no real tips to make this one easier! Get under the bar and get after it! Here's an inspirational video from the women of CrossFit 801 doing "Fran". bc


  1. deadlift 5rm
    285 300(4)
    Metcon: 7:47

  2. Deadlift - 45, 135, 225, 285 all were 5 reps &
    5 Rep Max = 315 lbs
    MetCon - 8:12

  3. Deadlift: 155 x 5
    Fran: 5:49 (PR yay!!!)

  4. Deadlift: 135 x 5
    Fran: 10:45

    Can't believe how much better I am getting so quickly! Used to do Fran in twice the time with half the weight..crazy. Of course I didn't have mean Steve yelling at me before. :)

  5. Dead lift 5rm 135
    Fran: 7:22 with 45lbs instead of 65lbs

  6. Dead Lift: 5rm 245
    Fran: 8:37 Pr

  7. Dead Lifts: 5rm @ 175
    Fran: 8:46
    great workout this morning!

  8. SWOD: Dead Lift 425 5rm (PR!)
    Metcon: 6:00 as rx'd.

    If someone finds a lung on the gym floor it belongs to me. I probably shouldn't have done the metcon with chest congestion, but you guys motivated me this morning!

  9. Dead Lifts 5rm @235
    METCON: 14:20 @PR

  10. Deadlift 425 x5 (PR) Thanks to the lifting shoes Brad let me use

    Fran: 3:30 (PR) And i hit my head with the barbell at some point during the 15 reps

  11. Deadlift 5rm@215
    METCON: 10:22 (PR)

  12. SWOD: Deadlift 365x5
    Metcon: FRAN 6:06

  13. Dead lifts: 165lb
    Metcon "fran" 65lb 12:23
    Jump kip pull-ups

  14. Dead lift: 145x5
    Metcon "fran": 45lb (7:21)
    jump kip pull-ups

  15. Dead Lift: 275x5
    Metcon: "Fran" (9:36)
    jump kip pull-ups
    thrusters as rx'd (95lb)

  16. SWOD 200
    Metcon: 11:24 45 pounds and assisted pull-ups

  17. Deadlifts x5: 225 lbs
    Metcon: FRAN 6:08

  18. SWOD: deadlift 125, 155x2
    Metcon: Fran 13:17

  19. Deadlift 5RM:155
    Fran 5:55 (jumping pull-ups) PR!

    Looked up my last Fran and it was 7:03 with 55 lb. thrusters. So rewarding to see measurable improvement!

    Now, if I could just get those #%!@* pull-ups down...