Sunday 02.28.10...part 2

A better warm-up

"In gyms everywhere, warming up constitutes
little more than spending fifteen or twenty minutes on
a bike, treadmill, or stair climber. While better than
nothing, this approach to warming up is largely a waste
of time in that it will not improve flexibility, does not
involve the whole body or major functional movements,
misses an ideal opportunity for reinforcing and practicing
some critical exercises, and poorly prepares an athlete
for rigorous athletic training.

We need a warm-up that will increase body temperature
and heart rate, provide some stretching, stimulate the
entire body and major biomechanical functions, provide
practice for basic movements, and finally, prepare for
rigorous athletic training..... "

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The warm-up is your chance to practice those skills you lack in or need improvement. We all need better overhead squat flexibility, but how much and how deep you go is individual. We can all work on pushups, but for some ring pushups, dips, or handstand pushup practice may be cycled in from time to time. Already have pullups? Try Chest to bar pullups, pullups on rings, muscle ups.

It also works in the other direction for the other side of the spectrum, No pullups yet? We have jumping pullups, bands, ring rows, or simply hanging from the bar strenghtening the shoulders. Not yet able to complete honest pushups? Go from the knees, or hold yourself in the plank position for as long as possible.

The same goes for running or rowing technique, ab work, back extensions, squats, jump rope, etc. All these exercises can be scaled to the needs of the individual, because when it comes down to it, it doesn't matter what the other person next to you can do. It is about what you are able to do today that you were unable to do the day before. cc

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