Saturday 2.27.10

Here's a good photo demonstrating the difference between the pulling stance, or jumping stance, and the landing stance for the Olympic lifts (the clean and jerk and the snatch).

If you missed it yesterday, do The Compound Total.

If you did the total yesterday, today's WOD is borrowed and modified from Diablo CrossFit and is called "Difference of Opinion Gone Bad", which is a slightly less intense version of "Fight Gone Bad".

3 Rounds counting total reps as your score:
-1:00 of Rowing (count total calories as your score)
-1:00 of Box Jumps (24"/20")
-1:00 of Sledge Hammer Strikes on the tire (12 lbs/8 lbs)
-1:00 of Push Presses (65/45)
-1:00 Rest

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, only do the total if you didn't get to do it yesterday. There is no metcon for those doing the total. See the link for The Compound Total for a complete explanation.

For the metcon, you will have to do some rep counting in your head as you train. This will help you maintain focus and awareness while fatigued, which is something that most untrained folks cannot do. Because we have only two rowers, you may have to start at box jumps. Make sure you're using the rx'd box height on these guys and gals! For the sledge hammer strikes, use the tire and each strike should be as hard as possible. Find a focal point on the tire and try to hit it every time. The push presses are light, and they're meant to be, so really get after them.

This WOD will wrap up our first four weeks of training at The Compound. I know I've personally seen some great gains from myself, and I've seen a lot of you guys hit a lot of PR's as well. Keep up the great work! Train hard during the next cycle, recover intelligently, and let's all see our Compound Total score go up next time!

Post your results to the comments section! bc


  1. Rows: 52
    Box Jumps: 24" 47
    Sledge Hammer 101 RX
    Push Press 55 RX
    Total: 255

  2. Clean 145
    Squat 145* - TEMPORARILY limited by flexibility
    Press 110
    Dead Lift 305 PR

    Score 3.39

    Homework - Pass throughs

    Felt pumped up today.